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Women's secrets

Which every man should know about Understanding a woman is not just an art, but a real gift. This is what most men think, and they are partly right. But don't worry. Here are the main female secrets that a man should know about. In relationships with women, the main principle of men is simple: if the lady of the heart is silent and does not Express claims, then everything suits her. And at this point, men often relax, allow themselves all sorts of liberties and stop controlling the situation. It's just that men are used to the fact that women are very sociable creatures (to put it mildly), so they can always tell them, men, about everything. You probably feel the same way. Well, you will be doubly surprised when you learn that women also have secrets from men. Moreover, no woman will reveal them to you, but will wait until you solve her riddle yourself. Only very few people manage to do this. Some will say that women are too complex creatures, but this also has its own charm. Men and women are not better or worse than each other, we are just different – and that's fine! So, about everything in order.

Like behind a stone wall A woman likes a man to take responsibility. This does not mean that women are completely helpless creatures and are not able to take a step without a man. A woman herself is able to plan and organize everything perfectly, and then implement what is planned in life, but why, if there is a manly partner next to her, behind whom she feels like behind a stone wall? She likes to feel the care of a man and understand that she can rely on him in everything and not worry about anything. In addition, responsibility is what a real man is able to surprise a lady with, after which he will definitely receive his gift in the form of love and affection. You should understand this – if a woman asks you for a service that, at first glance, even seems trivial – go to meet her and give her a sense of security, which she seeks. Unfortunately, you should not expect that a woman will always tell you about the need to take responsibility, otherwise it would not be in the list of women's secrets. Therefore, you will have to guess her desires — such is the male share. Creativity Women like it when a man is able to surprise her. Girls like to receive gifts, but, alas, most of the presents do not cause them untold delight. The reason is simple – many men do not like to spend their time on creativity and come up with something. It is much easier to buy a standard gift in the store, which is sure to please the beloved. But the truth of life is that a chocolate bar presented suddenly and on time can please much more expensive, but expected surprise. Women are very picky about men, and creativity is not the last factor they consider when choosing a partner. Any gift that was presented casually, allows a woman to feel desired and special. It does not have to be expensive, because the main thing is not the cost of the gift, but attention. That's why girls appreciate gifts from guys that were made with their own hands. And let the hand made gifts will not have any practical value, it is about him that the girl will remember all her life. After all, you tried for her, allowing her to feel special.

Treason Women are afraid of losing their man. Girls are more afraid of infidelity than men. Moreover, it is the fear that a man may turn away from her one day and go to another that makes a woman experience not the most pleasant feelings. Naturally, no woman will admit this to a man, since the latter may misunderstand her, and why should he know about it, because it is only her fears. In addition, many girls sincerely believe that their thoughts will materialize into life. As soon as she thinks about the fact that an attractive work colleague can steal her boyfriend, she immediately begins to worry. But a man can help his chosen one to get rid of this fear. How? More often let her feel like the one and only, pay her compliments and look less in the direction of other women. After all, what is an innocent look for a man, for a woman can cause depression or scandal.

Sincerity Women want men to be sincere, always honest with them. No matter how complex and complicated your problems seem to you, you just need to tell your lady of the heart about them – and she will help you solve them. If you make a mistake, the girl will always be able to understand you and forgive you. What women don't forgive is insincerity and lies. At the same time, few people are able to say this to a man directly to his face. The deceived girl is able to play her role perfectly and not even show that she is offended, but the fire of disappointment and longing will burn inside. That is why it is so important to always be sincere with your chosen one, since women feel insincerity at times better than men, a lady can understand in a couple of seconds that her boyfriend is concerned about something or is trying to hide some secret from her. Tell the woman the truth. If you do not like the dish that she has prepared, you should not eat it through the force and constantly praise, because sooner or later she will decide to cook for her friends, who will tell her everything as it really is. When a woman chooses a dress and asks for your opinion, do not be afraid to tell her that the dress is a little fat or does not suit her. Show the girl that you love her for who she is. The main thing is to be as honest as possible with her, otherwise she will simply not be able to trust you, and her opinion of you will change for the worse.

Time for yourself Women agree that their men also need time for themselves. Many men know firsthand about women's whims and demands to spend all the time with them. But in reality, most of the fair sex understand that a man simply needs freedom. He can not be constantly around, because he still has friends with whom you want to relax, drink beer and talk heart to heart. The main thing is that he does not spend all his time with them, forgetting about the girl. Everything should be in moderation. And the woman herself is not averse to chat with her friends about personal, life and in General. There are also times when women want to be alone with their thoughts, soberly think about something and weigh it. Friends Women tend to like their man's friends. This secret will not reveal to the guy any girl, because it is believed that most ladies are jealous of their lover's friends. Perhaps this is true, but the girls understand that a spoiled relationship with a guy's friends can make a negative impact on her relationship with the chosen one. That is why every woman in her heart seeks to establish friendly relations with people who are dear to her man, and at the same time show them how much she values the chosen one. Well, you will have to find time for both the lady of your heart and your friends, otherwise one of the parties will feel offended.

P.S. This list of secrets could be continued, since a woman is a complex creature. However, you do not need to know all the secrets by heart, just remember the main principles of building a harmonious relationship: responsibility, honesty, decency, sincerity, loyalty and understanding. Follow these principles always, and you will become a special guy for your woman, from whom you do not want to have any secrets.


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