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Women in Finland

Finks are not ladies, because there are no gentlemen in Finland!

Finland is a wonderful country. Everything is beautiful in it: shoes, clothes, soul, and thoughts. So, I think, said the classic Chekhov. Better Finnish "new line" can only be Finnish "Quad" of a different color.

In Finland, there is a mysterious Santa Claus, "hot Finnish guys" and no less "hot Finnish girls". And women are all charming, like in our domestic movie "Behind the matches". Here "figushki your Dunyushka," says old Finnish proverb! And about this-in more detail.

A resident of the country of Suomi to call the beauties will not turn the tongue. And attractive, too. In their appearance, there is nothing that would "catch" the eye. His face was more round, his skin grayish, with no hint of a Roman-Greek profile, and his hair was straight, light, and sparse. Physique - male type. He was not tall, and his legs were short and plump. The waist is missing, like in a children's song: The Hippo has no waist, it can not be pressed to itself. The bone is large and the back is broad. Large hands and feet. Everything is large and convenient for work. In short, as in Chukchi: the face of wide – kissing for a long time. But this physique allows you not to freeze in the Finnish frosts.

The character of the Finnish ladies is calm, Nordic, as they used to say in the third Reich about our Stirlitz. Weaknesses: they are a little slow. Her dress is not fashionable, and convenient. After all, agriculture has been practiced here since ancient times, and working on the land in a skirt and high-heeled shoes is not very handy. Hence – the right decision: trousers (in summer – shorts) and a t-shirt or sweater. All shoes-without heels (sneakers, sneakers, loafers). They practically don't wear skirts. More precisely, they wear them one day a year – December 6, on the national independence Day. And then, if you were invited to the ball by the President. And all the other uninvited remain at home in their trousers.

Finks wear wide, loose clothing that doesn't emphasize the waist or open the legs: why emphasize what isn't there? And this is correct! So our Mikhail Gorbachev liked to say, and he was right (it's a pity that only in this!). I love the clothes of stripe, and transverse, which is fattening. God's ways are inscrutable! Do not wear jewelry and costume jewelry. Apparently, they think that there is nothing to decorate – and so beautiful! And this is also correct! And when working, dangling beads will cling to everything around.

Finks practically do not use cosmetics, and if they do, it is extremely clumsy: their makeup resembles the war paint of an Indian on the warpath. They do not pay much attention to the hairstyle, preferring a practical short haircut – and it is easy to wash, and shampoo leaves little! If something is built on the head, it looks strange and clumsy, and even then - on big holidays. And, of course, manicures-pedicures are no exception: and really-what is it to paint your nails if your head is not combed! Think about what the Chinese ceremony! If you choose nail Polish, it is very strange shades: often-black. Probably to make up a single color scheme with makeup and hair (or rather, its absence).

Finks are not ladies, because there are no gentlemen in Finland! The men there do not take care of the ladies, do not open the door for them, do not help to carry weights and do not give flowers (figs with it, with the weight, but to live without flowers is – tin!). And kissing hands is not accepted here at all!

Finnish ladies are much more determined and confident than men. They can be the first to tell the man they like about what they want from him (!). And this is not considered a pathology at all. Finks don't want to get married: why? They are happy as it is! Often a marriage is registered after a mutual desire to give birth to a child. They are rarely divorced. Right – why? In a divorce, everything is divided in half. What a wise country!

In Finland, women prefer not to stay at home, but to work and be financially independent. And a working woman can afford a lot: housing, a car, trips. Often the spouses have separate Bank accounts. Again-correct! With the economy, finks do not strain much, preferring work: they work at a minimum. They do not like to clean and cook – this is not a Royal business! Often this is done by their husbands – good Finnish guys! Sometimes they even go to a restaurant for Breakfast with their families. And don't be jealous! Ladies like to relax separately from men: on vacation, in the theater, sauna, restaurant or bar. They love to go to stadiums. And a single Finnish woman "popping" vodka glasses one after another in a restaurant is not perceived as, you know, who. This is normal! She deserves it, she deserves it!

Finks are fond of sports for the sake of health. They will not think to drag themselves to the gym twice a week because of an extra crease on their stomach. They like to go back and forth with ski poles. Finnish women, despite their depressing appearance, are carried on their hands. And, literally! This happens on the day of the "women's transfer" competition. Moreover, the distance with obstacles. Are Russian men capable of this? Ladies can serve in the armed forces. And serve!

Therefore, why not look at Russian men and women to the opposite Finnish gender? Men, in General, will benefit: spend-at-a-minimum! Give her a birthday gift of ski poles and a backpack, and she will go shopping, training everything you can. And, mind you, no fur coats, rings, or beauty salons! And don't drink water from your face. By the way, you will drink together, and go to the bath-too! A complete holiday of the soul! Yes, and Russian ladies will not be at a disadvantage: after all, with a Finnish life partner, any, even the most worthless aunt by our standards, will be considered a Royal (compared to Finnish). In the meantime, learn Finnish and Bon chance to all of you, which in translation from Ugro-Finnish means: Good people! Don't waste your happiness!


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