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Women expect men to do things.

More and more often in modern society, men complain that it has become very difficult to meet a woman. That a woman refuses a potential boyfriend, causing him offense. Men focus on the fact that women have become too demanding. At the same time, everyone puts their own "filling"into it. Some believe that women motivate their refusal by saying that, they say, the man is a "beggar" and there is nothing to take from him. And they claim that this happens in the vast majority of cases in the modern world. Others are offended by the very fact of refusal, they say, did not even bother to find out who dared to refuse. Still others say that, they say, "women are insolent and zazhralis". The fourth claim that modern women no longer need a family or children, so a man for her, as an extra ballast, they say, get off, not up to you now... Well, the fifth stubbornly insist that the initiative when Dating should come from a woman. Which in itself is nonsense. Because such men are confusing the women with available decent. As you know, different women, as well as men, have completely different priorities in building relationships. Therefore, it makes no sense to "scratch" each other "under a common comb".

"There is no point in generalizing men, each has its own motives. One can't even be the first to call, the other will lay half the world at his feet." "Women are one thing, but WOMEN are another. You can know everything about women and nothing about a single one." John Steinbeck A woman's refusal is ,so to speak,"a man's test of strength." And it does not always mean a peremptory "no". "If a woman wants to refuse, she says no. If a woman tries to explain, she wants to be convinced."Alfred de Musset And confident men understand this, because nonverbal "signals" have not yet been canceled.

This has always been the case when it comes to decent women. If the "refusal" works, then the woman concludes: the applicant did not pass the elementary "check" for whether he needs me for life. If you gave up easily, then you only needed it to quench your sexual thirst. So I went to "try my luck" to the next one. Still, they want the best for themselves, and not every man is ready to realize that the best needs to be taken care of and sought after. Although, in fairness, we must admit that such smart men still exist. And this can not but please)

So it turns out that men who have not passed the "test of strength", automatically in the eyes of women are weak. And weak men are only needed by those women who themselves like to manage everything, including a man. And, in fairness, I must say that there are men who are quite satisfied with this "scenario" of relationships. But, in the vast majority of cases, women want to see a strong man next to them, both in body and, especially, in spirit. Well, men, instead of being offended, should remember that a woman can always change her mind, seeing how a man tries for her, considering her not only as an object to satisfy their sexual needs, but also interested in her as a person. Therefore, women at all times expect men to act. And this is unlikely to change as long as there are men and women on the planet. Persistent men achieve much more in life (not just in personal relationships) and reach heights that are unattainable for weak men.

Decent women are skeptical of men who only aim to have fun. And every woman intuitively feels this. For people who are in a serious relationship, love is when you want to take a person not into your bed, but into your life. But women, with a male brain structure or just low self-esteem, will easily agree to non-binding relationships. True, the second, over time, will begin to claim men, but, as they say, experience is the son of mistakes... for everything has consequences.

Quite a few men are easily deceived.

That is why they get into a situation where a woman behaved unworthily, robbing the poor man to the skin and disappearing from the horizon. But, as they say, it's stupid to blame someone for your shortsightedness. Claims should be made to yourself, first of all, because there is never smoke without fire. You can only blame yourself for making the wrong choice. This applies to both men and women. Men who "buy" themselves a luxurious woman are sincerely surprised at how they were "torn to shreds", and that the kitten turned out to be a predator with claws and fangs. When a man uses a woman, he will be used in return. This formula is directly proportional for women. When a man is only willing to use a woman, even for a lot of money, this woman sooner or later uses him in return. When playing these games, both men and women need to be prepared for an unexpected turn of events, so as not to blame each other later. For the boomerang has the property of returning.

The conclusion is obvious:

1. Do not raise the "white flag" at the first refusal of the woman you like. Show perseverance, achieve your goal - to draw attention to yourself. 2. Look for a woman to match yourself, and if you are aiming for more, be prepared for a number of unexpected tests. It is for a man. 3. Don't mess with women's heads, and be honest with yourself. If you feel like it, but don't want to bother courting, buy yourself sex. Let the "girls" earn, if they have chosen such a path in life. 4. Well, remember that a decent woman always appreciates men's actions, and not the chatter that he is ready to get her a star from the sky.

It is men's actions that have a decisive influence on a woman's choice.

Always remember that your life is your responsibility. This applies to both men and women. Live consciously.


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