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With your favorite shopping

Men go shopping together with thrill-seekers, young inexperienced wives, and those who are more experienced, in search of a scandal. Still, of course, you can use it, for example, to carry weights, but this is not shopping, but joint purchases of oversized items or products for a week.

And I'm talking about those shopping trips that happen from time to time for every woman, give her the necessary adrenaline, color life with bright colors, and not for one day. After all, then for a long time you can shift the pile of purchases, brag to your friends and scold (not seriously) yourself for wasting.

In General, you can go shopping with men and even do joint purchases, but not for long. Psychologists say that this "short" lasts exactly 72 minutes, and already on the 73rd you need to urgently send him home with shopping or sit in a nearby bar, otherwise the whole mood will be irretrievably spoiled.

Men can be divided into several categories based on their shopping behavior. So, the most important thing is to determine the category, and only then go shopping together. At least you will know what to expect and have time to prepare.


This is an exceptionally rare category among men. You can spend a whole day in the store with him — he will tirelessly bring you everything that in his opinion deserves attention. The connoisseur is distinguished by a refined taste, however, in most cases, he chooses only what he likes himself, completely not interested in whether this style, color, and how you will look in all this splendor. But it will offer such a large selection that you will definitely find something that you like and will fit in color and size. Going shopping with a connoisseur is somewhat exhausting, but extremely effective.


Men in this category are even rarer than connoisseurs. Stoics are ready to take you to all the shops in the city, moving silently and faithfully with purchases at their heels, waiting near the fitting rooms and patiently bearing all your whims. They can communicate with sellers, find out about discounts, and even after a home fitting, take the item back if for some reason it did not fit or did not like it. But he can't tell you whether the dress suits you or not, although he will readily support your choice. As a result, you will long puzzle over what to wear to please him. With a stoic, you not only can — you need to go shopping. No one else can provide you with such comfort.


For him, shopping is his favorite pastime. He flirts with saleswomen, managers, and even customers. An Amateur just miraculously finds truly original things and is even able to spend all day in the store. It's never boring, so even if you don't buy anything, going shopping with it will just be fun.


Such a man does not like shopping, but tolerates it calmly and patiently. He doesn't know much about brands and styles, but he's always honest about what suits you and what doesn't. Moreover, he is able to withstand in stores from two to four hours, but in those that are familiar to him and studied, but in a new place, he may get nervous and try to escape. Therefore, if you want to go to unfamiliar places, start your trip with a bar or cafe. By the way, if you offer to stop shopping and visit a restaurant, then with such a man, you can increase the shopping session to five or six hours.


This man is a great specialist in the field of shopping. He knows exactly what is now in fashion, where sales, even the size of the eye will determine as well as the seller. Only all questions from the style to the color are solved by him, so you do not have to worry about how to dress to please him. However, it is better not to go to the store with it, because you will not be able to buy anything yourself. It is unlikely that this will add to your good mood.


This is one of the most difficult and, unfortunately, common options. As soon as you enter the store with such a man, he begins to torment you with a question: "Are you coming soon?» Men of this type pathologically do not tolerate shopping establishments. It is possible that he is a wonderful and very sincere person, but it is absolutely impossible to go shopping with him.

If your man does not fit into any of the above categories, it's okay. Explore in detail its purchasing power, patience, timing, and enter a new category in the list. After all, there are so many men!


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