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Wine of love: choosing a drink for a romantic dinner

Wine is the most romantic drink, and February 14 is the most romantic day of the year. It is on this day that all lovers meet for a bottle of this exquisite drink by candlelight and talk about happiness and passion. Of course, if you are 18 and you first met at the same restaurant table with a woman, you can afford to consult with the waiter what wine is best to order, but if you are already far over... and you go on a date with the only one who will not only enjoy the evening spent in your company, but also evaluate you in many positions, the choice of wine should be treated with special care.

It's not as complicated as it might seem at first – we will choose wine by type, not by brand. And for each group of wines, we will define our own framework.

To begin with, the wine is matched to the food. For a light dinner, a weak white wine is suitable, for a more dense and caloric-stronger wine, preferably red. To make it easier to remember, according to tradition, white wines are bought for fish and chicken, as well as vegetarian dishes, red-for beef, pork, game and fat poultry (goose, Turkey). Or-white to white meat, red – to red. There are also exceptions for light red wines, which are often favored by ladies – if you know for sure that your lady likes red wine, but are going to have a light dinner, dry red is quite suitable. Sweet wines are recommended for spicy food. Fortified wines we strongly advise not to use on Valentine's day, because it is a very insidious thing, especially for women.

But you still have a romantic evening ahead of you, and perhaps a wonderful night, not at all suitable for a headache after port.

If the list of wines does not contain color indications in Russian, then an incident may occur. To avoid this, you can view and remember the following table.

Franz. Ital. Spanish. German. Eng.

White Blanc Blanco Blanco WeiBwein White

Pink Rosa Rosa Rosa Rosa Pink, Rose

Red Rouge Rosso Tinto Rotwein Red

As for the fortress, you can use the following:

The degree of sweetness in wines is measured based on grams per liter. For example:

France Italy

Dry Sec less than 4 g / l Seco less than 6 g/l

Semi-dry Demi-sec 4-12 g/l Abboccato 6-20 g/l

Semi-sweet Moelleux 12-45 g/l Amabile 20-45 g/l

Sweet Doux more than 45 g / l Dolce more than 45 g/l

What depends on the country of origin? Yes, almost everything - or rather, the taste of wine. After all, the taste of grapes depends on the soil on which it grew, and the soil of France has a decidedly different composition than the soil of Georgia. If you do not know about the preferences of your second half, it is best to use the simplest logic. For example, where do you think wine is produced the longest? Of course, in Europe! That is, we will choose between France, Germany and Italy. Each country is romantic in its own way, which means that it can decorate the table of lovers. But the most good for this holiday are the wines of such regions as Bordeaux, Burgundy and champagne. It is believed that aged wines from the cellars of Burgundy and Bordeaux on the couple's table are an indicator of refined taste and true feeling. I must say that pleasure is not cheap. But it's often worth it.

As for the year of release. Like cognac, some wines become more valuable with age. However, this is not the rule for everyone. Most wines have an expiration date - quite specific and indicated on the bottle. With age, only vintage wines and only Reds become better and more aged. Remember this. For their designation, the French term "Millesime" and the English word "Vintage"are used. The better the harvest year,the better the wine will be. If you are going to buy this expensive product, then do not be lazy to search the Internet on the eve and check which year's crop is best to choose, at the same time, you will show off to your friend the knowledge of such subtleties.

And the most unexpected thing for men – if your lady adheres to a diet, it is worth considering this when choosing. On the one hand, women tend to like sweet wines – semi-sweet, or even sweet. However, this is not very good for weight, especially if you consider that on this day your young lady will not be able to refuse a beautiful and refined restaurant dessert.

Therefore, it is better to choose dry and semi-dry wines. They were especially successful, I must say, again in France – it is French wines that have not only a delicate taste, but also a rich persistent smell, which is especially loved by women. I must say that the world has always been divided into those countries where they like sweet wines more and those where they like dry ones more. There are no semi-sweet or semi-dry wines. They are delivered only to Russia, and therefore their quality is very "waste".

Tara also has an important aesthetic and ethical weight when trying to please the beloved. Pay attention to the bottle of wine: the label must indicate the country of origin and the year of harvest, as well as the date and month of manufacture (spill). Well, and need I say that a good wine can not cost less than 300 rubles.


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