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Why you should date a musician

As you know, men of romantic professions always attract women, whether they are pilots, cosmonauts or even designers. But for some reason, it is the musicians who drive all the girls on the planet crazy. What is the secret of their attractiveness? To be honest, sometimes we think that musical instruments have a magical power that instantly makes its owner so hot! We have all heard that Dating a musician is risky and difficult: an incredible number of fans, a crazy schedule, long tours and many exes. But sometimes the pros still outweigh the cons. And here's why…

He will dedicate songs to you and Serenade you.

You will always have VIP seats and a backstage pass.

It is to you that his eyes and heart will be riveted when he is on stage. Yes, to you…

You must admit that long hair suits him so well!

It's very coordinated.

And he's definitely got good hands…

You will always have free tickets to any concerts, as he has a lot of friends from the music field.

Musicians in General are very sensitive people by nature.

You can even sing a duet sometime!

If you need a car and a man's hands to help you with things, get him and his friends!

Thanks to it, you will always have the longest playlist in your iPod!

Hand on heart, admit that musicians are very good in appearance!

But seriously…

How can you not fall in love with someone like that?


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