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A cigarette after sex has long been hallowed by tradition, like an Olivier salad for the New year

"Good sex," a friend of mine likes to say, " the kind that even the neighbors go out for a smoke after!" There is some truth in what he says. I had to somehow live on the floor below a couple in love, who sometimes quarreled, then reconciled. In the process of their passionate "reconciliation" pieces of plaster flew on my head — and I wanted not only to smoke, but also to pop two hundred drops of essential Valerian. And call the emergency services.

How did we get to this life?

A cigarette after sex has long been hallowed by tradition, like an Olivier salad for the New year: you can do without, but still something is missing. Even for non-smokers, in General, sex is a good reason to take a drag, blow a stream of smoke into the ceiling and dreamily close your eyes. Why a cigarette and not green tea, for example?

Why do people smoke after sex?

Well, first of all, it is considered beautiful. Doctors are tearing their hair out and wailing: several generations of advertisers have artificially created an aesthetic for a paper tube with dried grass that the tube never had. And they continue to cultivate, nurture and cherish this aesthetic. Take a bed scene in an average movie: here are his eyes, here are her eyes with a haze, a bitten lip, a close-up of a hand crumpling a sheet... a dark screen. The screen clears, and the hero and heroine lie shyly covered with a sheet. What do they do fifty percent of the time? That's right, they all ruin their health with cigarettes. In recent years, however, Smoking scenes in movies have been banned (unless there is a severe plot necessity), well, thank you for that. Second, Smoking has become a kind of "sex epilogue". Interestingly, it is strongly encouraged by women. And what do you want, every animal after coitus is sad and strives, a scoundrel, to turn to the wall and snore. There is no more terrible insult for a pampered woman! Well, if the partner reaches for a cigarette — it means that there are at least five more minutes to extract from him the required portion of tenderness and compliments. A very convenient tradition. And, of course, a cigarette is a proven way to relieve tension. The reason for Smoking after sex is the same as after talking to your boss about a pay raise: by and large, sex is no different from other types of emotional and physical stress, which is why you smoke after sex.

Only to your partner, look, do not mention that after sex with her, you "relieve stress"with a cigarette. You can get an ashtray on the back of your head. And what do we end up with? Let's start with the fact that Smoking in bed at bedtime will be forbidden not only by doctors, but first of all by firefighters. Because it is very easy for a person to fall asleep after sex with a lit cigarette in his hand, and Wake up on a pile of smoldering embers. If I Wake up at all. So if you are so strongly drawn to smoke, it is better to unromantically run to the kitchen and smoke in the window. It's safer this way. At the same time and the bedroom won't smell soaking in tobacco smoke. For a smoker with experience, the smell does not matter much, of course (his sense of smell is very blunted), but still, you will agree, it is more pleasant when the bed of love smells of perfume and rose petals, and does not cause associations with the boiler room. Some particularly sensitive girls do not want to admit that a real man should smell at least tobacco smoke for lack of gunpowder. So in some cases, a real man does not have to count on the continuation of the sex marathon.

Speaking of continuing. Let's assume that the partner did not sniff you in disgust and Express their Fi, but on the contrary — again all in longing and expectation. And you don't seem to mind, but somehow you don't really want to... and not particularly possible!

Do not rush to kill yourself against the wall and swallow viagra in despair. It's all about the peculiarities of our blood circulation. Here you are ten minutes ago having sex, and the load on the vessels of the sexual system was growing. So you sat back blissfully and lit a cigarette. And nicotine, as you know, narrows these very blood vessels. Blood circulation is disrupted, and where? In the most strategic places for sex! This is the effect of Smoking on the vessels. And if the number of cigarettes will grow, the number of love acts will also gradually decrease, this is possible. Did you have to buy a pack of cigarettes from a stall with the frightening inscription "Smoking leads to impotence"? Well, it may not always lead, but it doubles the risk.

However, not only men are so unlucky: Smoking after sex (active or passive) can also bring a woman to frigidity. After all, her pleasure and women's health directly depend on proper blood circulation. A short-term inability to get it sooner or later can take an irreversible effect.

For the same reason, it is not recommended to abuse even nicotine patches. By the way, recently there was a rumor that some Swedish company has already released nicotine condoms. Practical, of course, but maybe, well, their-in these cases?

It is also interesting how Smoking affects conception. Danish and Japanese scientists scare smokers with demographic crisis: according to their research, a couple who smoke after sex... it is much more difficult to conceive a son. Women who smoke, for example, give birth to boys a third less often than non-smokers. And if the father also smokes, the chance is reduced by half. Nicotine, as it turned out, destroys the Y-chromosome. The x chromosome was more stable. It's sad: we already have nine boys for ten girls, according to statistics, and our descendants will have to live in the womanhood if this goes on...

So maybe it makes sense next time not to reach for a cigarette and not think about why others smoke after sex, and feed each other strawberries with whipped cream? Quite erotic — and far more beautiful than Smoking from under a blanket. At the same time, it is useful for health: you will stock up on vitamins..


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