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Elegant gymnasts always attract the attention of the opposite sex, become heroines of erotic fantasies of guys. But is sex with a gymnast so unforgettable and enchanting, as is commonly believed in men's society? Does such popularity among young people give the gymnasts themselves any benefits in life? Let's talk about the pros and cons of intimate relationships with flexible athletes.


In the minds of many representatives of the strong half of humanity, intimate relations with a gymnast have absolutely no disadvantages and consist of only pluses. Such conclusions are often based mainly on their own fantasies, exaggerated stories of friends and anonymous messages from Internet forums. What are the facts that attract men in gymnasts? Of course, gymnasts attract guys with their incredible flexibility and plasticity. A man recklessly dreams of a hundred positions from the Kama Sutra, which can be easily tried with such a plastic girl. Sit on the splits, throw your leg over your head or curl up literally in a ball-athletes are capable of the most incredible experiments. Men's imagination can work in full force and boldly invent new positions and shapes. Most men are visual artists who love with their eyes. Therefore, the most incredible pictures and curves that open their eyes during the act of love with a gymnast, excite and excite more than any imagination. But, as in the situation with any girl, it is very important that the companion is not shy of herself and her partner. And a man will not miss the opportunity to admire enough of his chosen one, her beauty, flexibility and plasticity.

Like all sports girls, gymnasts are very well trained and hardy. They are not afraid of even the most active and prolonged carnal pleasures. Therefore, with such a girl, a whole night without sleep can really become a reality. The main thing is that the companion of the plastic fairy could withstand such a pace, and the girl was not very exhausted by heavy training. Slim and sculptured the figure of a beautiful women are attracted to a strong half of mankind on a subconscious level. Men always evaluate a woman as a possible mother of their child. A healthy and strong girl has a much better chance of successfully carrying and giving birth to a baby. Therefore, thin gymnasts with developed muscles in the eyes of men look like ideal candidates for possible conception of a child. Gymnasts have very strong muscles, including the muscles of the vagina. First, it contributes to a faster and more acute arousal of the girl, because the blood flows to the pelvic organs much faster. Secondly, it guarantees a man a stronger feeling, and the gymnast-an incredibly bright orgasm without extra effort. It is also easier for athletes to control the muscles of the vagina during sexual intercourse and at the same time maintain balance and pace in non-standard positions.

Of course, the generally accepted alluring image of beautiful athletes also plays a role in the attractiveness of gymnasts. Thoughts of a beautiful tight suit with a short skirt, emphasizing all the fascinating curves and advantages of a gymnast, make men's hearts beat faster. A bright and even provocative makeup on a young and cute face causes young people to think of unconscious associations with Lolita, the famous heroine of the work of Vladimir Nabokov. Such an adventure as a passionate date with a gymnast,causes genuine admiration and strong interest of male friends. For this reason, young people are happy to agree even to a fleeting affair with a gymnast, after which they enthusiastically tell their friends about their victory. A man simultaneously embodies one of the most daring erotic fantasies and secretly acquires the honor and respect of friends. The popular men's portal Men's Health conducted a large-scale survey among young men on the topic of the most desirable erotic fantasies of the strong half of humanity. Participants were offered 22 juicy scenarios and allowed to make a choice in favor of several points at once.

Sex with a gymnast took the honorable 4th place (immediately after sex with a beautiful woman in a uniform, a girl of another race and anal sex). More than half of the respondents (53%) were in favor of this option. The sexologist of the project explained the choice of men by the subconscious perception of plastic athletes as an absolutely ideal, dynamic and beautiful model, the best sexual partner.


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