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Home delivery of food is becoming more and more common for residents of a large city. Recently, not only burgers and pizza are available for ordering, but also a variety of dishes for those who follow the principles of proper or sports nutrition. People are also increasingly ordering culinary products and products from online supermarkets. Why will the demand for this service only grow?

Reason # 1: save time

Residents of large cities strive to do as much as possible, and gradually become multi-functional people. Why waste time on a trip to the store, if you can order food delivery to your home, and while you wait, clean your apartment, spend time with your loved ones, or watch a TV series?

Reason # 2: Millennials ' lifestyle

Millennials are used to the fact that any issue can be solved with a couple of touches to the smartphone screen. So they call a taxi, pay for services and, of course, order food-ready-made or in the form of a grocery basket.

However, people of all ages turn to services for the delivery of ready-made food and products. This is confirmed by the results of a study conducted by the team of alternative mobile operator Tele2 in the period from November 2019 to March 2020 among the subscriber base. The study also found that the share of smartphones in the Tele2 network in Moscow and the region exceeded 97% — that is, subscribers are very actively using this type of device, including for food delivery. Most often, food delivery services are used by owners of Apple devices.

Reason # 3: the ability to do what you like

Not everyone likes to cook, and shopping is annoying for many. Modern residents of the metropolis are sure: you need to do what you like. And what you can do. Many successful women will say that it is easier for them to earn money and spend it on home delivery than to learn to cook.

According to the HSBC survey, the share of frequent buyers of online supermarkets among Russians has increased by 11% over the past year and a half (analysts surveyed almost 1.3 thousand respondents in February 2020 and compared the results with a similar survey in November 2018), and a third of respondents in the capital region order ready-made food at least once a week.

Reason # 4: development of delivery services

Ready-to-eat and food delivery services constantly hold promotions and organize interesting advertising campaigns that encourage customers to use their services.

Reason # 5: the ability to eat properly and in a variety of ways

It takes a lot of time and effort to make sure that the diet is complete and varied, and constantly come up with new dishes to surprise and please your loved ones. Sometimes it is easier to go to the site, study the menu and understand what food you want right now.

In addition, most services provide the opportunity to order vegetarian dishes, as well as healthy food or sports nutrition for those who actively train or, for example, build muscle mass. At the same time, the delivery service specialists will plan the menu for you for a week or month, and if necessary — taking into account your taste preferences and health characteristics.


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