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Why Amsterdam is the city of the most trouble-free girls according to tourists.

The opinion that the girls of Amsterdam are extremely trouble-free was formed by me after a year of living here.

Why do I have this opinion?

After moving to Amsterdam, I, like any other adequate man in the first days of my stay in Amsterdam, began to meet local girls. What did I find out?

Due to the fact that Amsterdam is a city of freedom, the local population is extremely tolerant to everything! From a Threesome to a same-sex marriage. Despite the fact that local girls are extremely reluctant to enter into a "serious" relationship, but otherwise...

They are very easy to get to know..

Amsterdam women like to enjoy the "freedoms" of their city and easily agree to many stupid things that can only come to the mind of a tourist who has come here. You only need to know English and not be shy.

Local girls are very attractive.

Yes, of course, it's a sin to complain about Russian girls, because they are, in my humble opinion, the most beautiful among all nationalities. However, the level at which local girls "look after themselves", makes at least pay attention to them.

Add to this the fact that in Holland, due to the fact that local girls are tall, statuesque and properly take care of themselves - a lot of models.

The fashion industry is extremely developed-hence a lot of beauty dolls, which can be found in bundles during a normal walk.

As a result:

In Amsterdam, there are a lot of girls who are distinguished by their "openness" and beauty. This is due to the very culture of the "city of freedom", for which, in fact, I love it.


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