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Who spoiled our men?

Something is wrong in this best of worlds. More and more often we hear complaints from women about their strong halves, and about all men at once. Too often, even. Although there are exceptions, they rather emphasize the General rule: men have become lazy, inert, passive. But at least it doesn't contradict human nature. So after all, men have also acquired qualities that, according to the men themselves, are exclusively women: resentment, vindictiveness, love of gossip and intrigue. Wives suffer from the whims of their husbands, but single women suffer doubly. To get acquainted with a man now you have to hold your breath. God forbid you say the wrong thing, look the wrong way, or expect a man to pay for you in a restaurant. The offense will be blood and for life. How many years have women fought for equal rights with men and now-the long-awaited moment has arrived. Men became equal to women. Is this not what we were expecting? Well, sorry for that fight... - then you know how. So what happened to our men, who spoiled them so much that they allow themselves, like little children, to ask for "hands", to be naughty, to drool?

There is no doubt that the influence of "mass media" on our minds is huge. They created the image of a man-an ornament-weak in spirit, very vulnerable, pampered. A blue (God forgive me) cloud, not the head of the family. And we believed: Yes, this is the modern man. It's a sin to ask something like that. He himself should be cherished, nurtured, to be on hand. And we carry, groaning and straining our backs. Mass media image-makers of men are men again - it is profitable for them to sculpt such an image. The media is seriously discussing the question of whether the father, who is also an ex-husband, should take part in the upbringing of the child and pay alimony for it. And after all, sooner or later men will be taught that alimony is a damned belch of socialism, that their payment humiliates the honor of women and severely hits the man's pocket, so the idea of alimony is harmful at its core. Men will believe, women will accept. What if we don't make up? Maybe we women have something to counter this pressure? Maybe you need to start fighting for your men? And this struggle must begin with the re-education of yourself, your loved ones. Exactly yourself! It's time to stop thinking of men as degenerate creatures in bibs, stop laying straw at their every step, stop taking on male responsibility for the family.

The husband is the head of the family, he is the breadwinner, and the woman must create a reliable rear for her man, so that he can be this very breadwinner. We prefer to work two or three jobs on our own, keep the whole house on us, and solve everyday problems. But is it really necessary? Tell me honestly, who was engaged in the last repair of your apartment? And what was your husband doing during this time-waiting out the hard times at mom's? And who in your family is engaged in family budget planning? And who decides where you will go on vacation? And who… However, everything is clear. Women have taken on most of the men's worries, and it is not possible to return everything to its "circles". Men have learned that it is much easier for them to live when someone else makes all the decisions for them. After all, the responsibility for failure will not lie with them. Partly have to admit - effeminate man created our a woman's desire to solve everything by themselves, women's confidence that man is merely clay in the hands of women. Now we are paying for this delusion. For a man to become like a man, a woman must be like a woman. No other way.


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