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Who should pay for what on dates?

Traditionally, it is considered that a man should pay for dinner and entertainment on dates. Some girls find it embarrassing, others find it outrageous. So who should pay for what and how to avoid the awkwardness of the moment?

Why is it considered that it is a man who should pay the bills?

No more than 100 years have passed since women achieved gender equality and started earning their own living. Previously, money signs were usually held by a man, who paid all the bills. In this regard, a stereotype has been formed that a male representative should cover the costs of checks. In modern society, it is considered that the cultural program is performed at the expense of the person who invites. The initiative is most often shown by a man, so his companion expects that dinner or a trip to the cinema will be sponsored by him.

The crucial factor is the gender division, where he is successful and she is beautiful. A woman invests in her own appearance, and a man, based on this principle, pays for the opportunity to be present next to her.

What do the representatives of the stronger sex think about this

Some men like to show their security by paying the bills of beautiful girls, friends, and even casual acquaintances. Others believe that this is a relic of time and the result of social injustice. The situation is perceived by the stronger sex from these angles: Paying for entertainment and dinner should pay off with the girl's attention. He thinks that he is paying her to meet him in this way, and expects a pleasant continuation of the evening in a more private place. If the plans don't work out, he feels cheated. The opportunity to go on a rampage raises his self-esteem. It demonstrates its ability to provide for the needs of the lady. Duty and tradition compel him to do this, although he does not consider it right. He would have been happy with the option of everyone paying for themselves. Local traditions are also important. For example, the Italians, Spaniards and French are happy to provide a lady with payment of the check at dinner. In Georgia, America and Israel, a man may be offended by the desire of a companion to share the payment of the check.

What motivates women to pay their own bills

The main factor that makes a girl get a wallet and pay the necessary amount is a reluctance to feel obligated. By paying her half of the bill, she makes it clear that she will decide whether she wants to have intimacy with a particular man and generally continue to communicate. So a self-sufficient woman does not feel obligated and can easily refuse a companion to continue spending time.

When a woman is confident in her financial situation, she will pay the bill on her own in such cases:

If you made the appointment yourself. Then the fact of paying the bill by a woman looks logical and does not cause embarrassment on the part of a man. When he wants to leave the company faster due to changed circumstances. The satellite was boring and unpleasant. At the request of a man, if he forgot his wallet. It is worth noting that after such a gesture, the desire to meet again, as a rule, does not arise. When he wants to afford expensive delicacies and not think that this will put the companion in an awkward position. Another thing is if a man asks you out and insists that You pay your part or all of the check. This situation can be confusing.

How to behave a girl at the moment of "x"»

In status institutions, the bill is usually submitted to a man. This is justified by the requirement of business and social etiquette. In this situation, the woman may offer to pay the bill or part of it herself. Do not insist categorically. Sometimes it is more logical to give a man the right to show his worth, feel like a breadwinner and emphasize the status. This applies to first dates, hospitality and business meetings.

Remember that paying the bill is not binding. It is enough that you will brighten up the loneliness of a young man at a meal. He is already rewarded with the presence of an attractive and well-groomed lady. Men with European views are reluctant to put money in institutions and generally restrained in spending. If you are invited to lunch by such a male representative, be prepared to pay for your order yourself. Expect payment of the check from the man if he clearly made it clear that he invites you and is ready to treat you. When the phrase sounded just like an offer of a joint lunch or dinner, you should offer to pay for your meal yourself. If the girl insists on paying the check, it is not tactful to prevent her. Similarly, in the case of a joint lunch between the boss and the subordinate. Do not contradict the Manager and insist on paying the bill yourself, so as not to lower his authority.

How to avoid an awkward moment

To avoid getting into an awkward situation, ask the waiter to immediately divide the order into two checks, if you are determined to do so. This way the issue will be resolved from the very beginning and will not cause controversy at the end of the event. If You are not ready to pay the bill and are not sure of a partner, it is better to refuse to spend time together. This way you can maintain a neutral or friendly relationship without innuendo and obligations. When the satellite has overestimated its capabilities and there is not enough money on the receipt, you can delicately offer to pay for your order yourself.

When going on a date, friend or business meeting, take money with you. Calculate when ordering for the amount that is available. If your budget does not allow you to visit places, ask your partner if they are ready to pay for you. Only accept the offer if the response is positive. Be tactful and do not order expensive delicacies, so as not to drive a man into a dead end. It can be concluded that women, paying the bill, demonstrate their independence, and men — their wealth. In addition, there are situations when the option of paying the bill is dictated by business and social ethics. Here you need to show sensitivity and act on the situation. In order not to look stupid, you should not visit places without money and it is better to immediately find out who is paying for what. How do you behave at the moment of payment in a cafe or restaurant? Do you grab your wallet or pretend to be interested in something when your companion pays? Share with us in the comments!


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