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Where to meet a guy.

Where to find a guy: the best places to meet So, let's look at popular places where you can find a guy: In a bar or cafe Dating in a bar or cafe is not uncommon. This is one of the most typical places to meet for many decades. In bars, Dating is more casual. If you are hoping to get acquainted in a cafe, choose places with a high turnover – not those where a couple of tables are occupied, and those on pre-order. In night clubs A night club is a great place to meet people. Choose good expensive establishments that minimize the meeting with a contingent that is unacceptable to you. Choose the most decent places in the city, focus on reviews.

In the supermarket

Quite a popular place. Choose large supermarkets – they give you more opportunities. You can initiate Dating in the store yourself. Go to the electronics Department and ask the man you like to help you choose a gift for your father or brother. However, it can be any Department. Choose places where there are no consultants, so that your conversation is not interrupted by recommendations from a professional. In a movie or Museum In movies and museums, you can also find a guy. Moreover, it is easier to do this in a Museum – to approach the same exhibit that a man is interested in, to start a casual conversation. It is better to choose museums of military equipment or other "male" orientation.

Common One of the most reliable acquaintances, almost excluding unpleasant consequences. Knowing about your preferences, Hobbies, mutual friends are unlikely to recommend someone completely unsuitable. In the gym A popular place where many married couples first met. We can say that the gym as much as possible "opens" to men a potential second half. He sees her tired, sweaty, and with all the "problem" zones, and if even in such conditions there is interest, it is definitely sincere.

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