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New York is the best city to meet a good man. This is not a joke or an advertisement. New York received the title of the best city for lonely hearts in 2009. Why is this metropolis favorable for creating a family? It has a high number of bachelors, there are all opportunities for creating a successful career and leisure activities. New York is a world for lovers. One of the main features of the population of this city is goodwill. In General, Americans tend to talk, even with strangers. So, let's go on a trip.

Where new Yorkers meet

Where to meet a good man, a real new Yorker? Lovely young ladies should know that the population of the "Big Apple" (the nickname of the city) is more likely to meet at parties with friends, at work, less often on the streets. Today, more and more men prefer to communicate with a lady online. But the network can be replaced with ideal places for lovers. The peculiarity of this city is that it does not allow you to think about loneliness, so you want to have time to see everything, do it, feel it.

Legendary place

Many of the legendary places in new York where you can meet a good man have secrets that make them even more charming. In the heart of Manhattan is the glittering intersection of times Square, which is impossible not to visit when going to new York. Here is the Marriott hotel with a high-speed transparent Elevator that will take you where you need to-to the View restaurant on the 48th floor. An ideal place for Dating and a romantic date-pleasant music plays, the bartender prepares original cocktails, visitors can see the amazing panorama of the night city. A rotating restaurant that rotates around its axis in an hour allows you not only to see skyscrapers, but also to look over the horizon – to the state of new Jersey.

Signs for lovers

A happy omen for lovers is to spend time on the 86th floor of the Empire state building. When the city "creeps" at your feet, it seems that nothing is impossible and there is no problem where to meet a good man. When the last ray of the sun is reflected in the mirrored walls of a skyscraper, you need to say the cherished words and the desire to find happiness with the only one will certainly come true. It is known for certain that no single heart was rejected at the top of a skyscraper.

Music of love

Despite the fact that new York is usually associated with the hustle and bustle of office life. New Yorkers are very romantic and sentimental. Men only try to hide these qualities in order to appear more masculine, serious. But the guys of this business metropolis are very responsive. Strong men feel beautiful, as evidenced by the popularity of various exhibitions and performances in new York, which are attended by men. The life of the city revolves around the Central Park, which is characterized by incredible beauty and harmony. By the way, cultural life is centered around this Park. All museums, theaters, and concert halls are located here – a wonderful world where you can meet your soul mate.

In the direction of Broadway

Russian Russian samovar restaurant is located on the side of the theater Broadway - an institution that not only offers national cuisine in the Central Park of new York, but has retained its Russian owner and staff. It was visited by many famous Russian cultural and art figures, including Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Vladimir Vysotsky, Bella Akhmadulina, and Robert Rozhdestvensky. Photos of famous restaurant regulars hang on the walls.

Stone jungle

An oasis of love is the Central Park, created in the middle of the XIX century – it attracts many people by distracting them from the bustle and allowing them to enjoy natural beauty. Walking here, you can enjoy not only the surrounding beauty, but also the pleasant music that fills different parts of the Park. Among the giant trees, winding alleys, stone mazes is not difficult to get lost (here is a reason to get acquainted). There are 40 bridges in the Park that don't look like each other. Some lace, others stone, stylized as ruins. The very atmosphere evokes a romantic mood.


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