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Where to go on your own? To Montenegro!

It is easy to go to Montenegro on your own. And now I will try to prove it to you. First, Russians do not need a visa to enter this country. Secondly, it is quite a busy air route, which is served by many Russian airlines. Third, it is a friendly Slavic country, if not with a culture and way of life close to us, then certainly with understandable ones. Fourth, this country is relatively inexpensive. I hope I have convinced you that you should definitely go to Montenegro on your own. Now I'll tell you how to do it!

So what about the heading " Where to go on your own?» on this site has long been a constant, I try to adhere to some traditions in writing posts on this topic. Namely: to answer the main and burning questions for any person traveling without a travel Agency. The questions for today are as follows:

1. Why does everyone like Montenegro?

2. How best to reach her?

3. Where to stay?

4. Do I need a visa?

5. How much will my trip?

1. Why does everyone like Montenegro?

The answer is very simple. Because it's really wonderful! Sunny, hospitable, delicious, beautiful. Montenegro is a very successful combination of incredible natural beauty, abundance of cultural and historical attractions and the sea! In General, everything that your heart desires: beaches, mountains, ancient cities, museums, add to this the excellent cuisine and hospitality of the Montenegrin people and you will understand why Montenegro can be loved.

2. How best to reach her?

As I mentioned above, a fairly large number of airlines fly in this direction, namely: Aeroflot, S7 Airlines, Red Wings, Ural Airlines, Saravia and Montenegro's Montenegro. These are only those airlines that fly non-stop. In summer, flights are operated daily several times a day. There are two international airports in Montenegro: Tivat and Podgorica. Tourists most often fly to Tivat, as it is closer to all popular Montenegrin resorts. There are much fewer flights to Podgorica, but still, keep in mind that it is not too far to go from Podgorica to the sea, perhaps this option will be more convenient or, for example, cheaper. Traditionally, I recommend to search for cheap flights using the service Aviateurs, which she always enjoyed.

3. Where to stay?

If we talk about the host city, then in principle, it is a matter of taste. If you want to see the most beautiful Montenegrin landscapes, then you should probably choose among the cities of Boko Kotor Bay (Kotor, Perast, Risan, Herceg Novi), if you want a noisy youth holiday with cafes and discos, stop your eyes on Budva, and if on the contrary you dream of a quiet and unhurried holiday rhythm, consider the small villages on the coast that are part of the Budva Riviera: Becici, Rafailovici, Sveti Stefan, Przno.

And if we talk about accommodation, then, in my opinion, apartments are ideal for a stay in Montenegro. There are a lot of them for every taste and purse, they are convenient with the presence of everything you need. They say that in the resorts of Montenegro, you can find free apartments on the spot, but I personally do not like to take risks and prefer to solve such issues in advance. I search, like everyone else, on the Internet on specialized Montenegrin sites or in regular hotel booking systems.

4. Do I need a visa?

No =) Russians have the right to stay in the country for 30 days without a visa. The only document that needs to be issued is the so-called white cardboard, which is both the registration of a tourist in the country and the tax that he must pay. White cardboard can be issued within three days after arrival in the country at the tourist center.

5. How much will my trip?

And a little bit about how much a trip to Montenegro costs. Of course, you can only determine your budget yourself, and it will depend on your requirements and preferences. But so that you don't think that traveling is always expensive, here are the approximate prices for flights, housing, and some other goods and services.

- apartments in Budva-from 15 euros / night

- apartments in Kotor-from 25 euros / night

- tourist tax ("white cardboard") - about 1 Euro per person per day

— car rental-from 30 euros per day

- a bottle of local wine - from 2.5 euros

- polaco state-free of charge =)


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