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About 28% of Danish men, answering the question in the headline, pointed to Aarhus, the second largest city in the kingdom.

British marketing company YouGov, commissioned by the Danish newspaper Metroxpress, conducted a survey among the men of the kingdom in order to find out in which part of the country, in their opinion, the most beautiful compatriots live.

As such, 10% named Odense - the third largest city in the country, the capital of the island of Funen.

16% are sure that the most beautiful ladies in Denmark live in millennial Aalborg.

21% of the men surveyed like things in the capital.

But Aarhus got the most votes - apparently, his middle name - "City of Smiles" - he received not because of the smile of local men.

“The peculiarity of the girls in Aarhus is that they are energetic and smiling,” Yannick Lindberg, head of the Le Management modeling agency, told Metroxpress. “Good, sensible girls with pure Jutland genes live there ... They are happy, easy-going, they love look natural, which is attractive to me. It has always been thought that there are beautiful girls in Aarhus, although I think we have a lot of pretty women everywhere in Denmark. "

However, judging by the farrowing results, Aarhus also outperforms the rest of Denmark.

Together, the regions of the kingdom, with the exception of those already listed, received 25% of the male vote.

Despite some dubiousness and such a formulation of the question during the survey, and the results obtained during it, there are specific facts confirming that there are indeed many beauties in Aarhus: “Miss Denmark-2015”, Jessica Hvirvelkær is a native of Risskov, suburb of Aarhus

The very first Miss Denmark - Edith Jørgensen - was also from Aarhus.

“They probably have something mixed in the water there,” suggested The Copenhagen Post.

In 2014, at the request of two Internet portals, an equally “serious” study was carried out on a similar topic, but already in 4 out of 5 Nordic countries.

5,499 single men and women from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland were asked to answer the question: which of their neighbors do they consider the most attractive.

Then the majority of votes were received by the Swedes and the Swedes. Inhabitants and residents of Norway lagged behind them by a small margin.

Danes and Danes came in third, Finns and Finns came in last. Survey participants were allowed to rate only neighbors.

According to the same The Copenhagen Post, if they could vote for themselves, the Danes, of course, would have had much more impressive results.



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