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Where and with whom to relax, hang out and relax again in Mykonos

Professional jetsetters are divided into two camps – some vacation in Ibiza, others prefer Mykonos. I'm for Mykonos. So the weather-sensitive Dolce and Gabbana, having made a secular weather forecast for this summer, shot their advertising campaign here. The choice was explained by the fact that both color and light are divinely photogenic. Maria Grazia Chiuri went on. Dior in June opened a pop-up shop on the island, famous for Ergon Mykonos chlamydia and sandals from the Sandal store. And until October, it will sell its huge Book Tote Bags. Elsewhere, these beach bags have the name of the founding father written on them, and here it's Mykonos. Sweaters, pareos and swimsuits give even more information: J'adior Mykonos. It was a very nice wordplay. And the color – white and blue-hit the spot, girls in any other range on this island are considered overdressed.

Is Ibiza worse? No, but the jetsetters are tired of club raves, and other entertainment outside of private villas is still poorly developed there. Snezanna Georgieva, who turned her Royal gaze on Mykonos for the first time last summer, says:

"Only here you can spend a week discovering new places every day." She means beaches and restaurants, although there are great clubs here, of course. Hope all is well.

Those who call the island a gay resort are poorly versed in both the history and modern alignment of party forces. Generation after generation of Niarchos ship owners have been coming here since the 1950s – their imminent arrival on Platis Gialos beach was announced by the town crier on the square before the advent of instagram. And the whole island with baskets of tomatoes, peaches and crushed kopanisti cheese went to meet the sponsors. Here, after marrying the Greek Onassis, Jacqueline Kennedy rested. Mick Jagger danced at the 9 Muses club, where the entire Studio 54 moved in the summer (now the Guzel club is in this house, but it does not pull on Studio 54). And Rudolf Nureyev also danced – a free man, had the right.

The island's modern glamour was brought to it by the Dsquared2 brothers ' August parties, including at VillaVogue, which they have been renting for the season since 2001. The main attraction is changing clothes along the way, which is accompanied by dancing on heels and mass bathing in the pool. In the morning with a hangover, it is very interesting to look at photos of designers in the company of Naomi Campbell, Anna Dello Russo and Paris Hilton.

The season is long. It is no coincidence that people come at Easter and return in October, when the sea is ripe for squid. A few years ago, the highest season was considered to be August, now it is July. This summer after Paris Haute Couture weeks, some will fly to Como, to the Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda show, and others will go straight to Mykonos. Last year, among others were models Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, who actively posted photos from the Villa in bikinis. On Nammos beach, Kendall hugged the musician FAI Khadra, but according to the results of the trip, the beautiful guy had an affair, it seems, with Bella.

There is no point in going for less than a week. You can't get a taxi here, the roads are mountainous – to get to beach clubs and rock bars, smart people rent more powerful Quad bikes. Which are not Bentleys, of course, but are considered quite decent transport on the ground.

I recommend that you immediately measure your minimum acceptable point of pathos – and your daily calorie intake-by eating lunch at Kiki's tavern. The owners are called Vasily and Kiki. Kiki is a Swede who came to the island in the seventies. Vasily with a character as Nordic is responsible for the Seating, and it is impossible to argue with him. The problem is that he doesn't book tables. The restaurant opens at 12: 30, but even those who arrived well in advance spend an hour or two in line.

It is not a coincidence that people come to Mykonos at Easter and return in October.

It's tempting to put a nanny or driver in your place, but I don't recommend it. Although Vasily treats those who are suffering with home-made wine, he does not serve justice – he does not put the "smartest" and does not feed them with huge portions of fish and baked potatoes. However, if you are with a large company, it is enough to choose one unfortunate, and all the rest go down from the cliff to the wild and therefore nudist beach of Agios Sostis with the purest water. Or the next one Panormos, where the Principote restaurant will tempt you with its potatoes and cheese. But don't give up.

After a village lunch, the pathos can be lifted. Mykonos is about two-in-one places, i.e. a beach with a restaurant. Nammos has been the leader in this category for many years. Here you will find Loro Piana sun beds, the most fashionable swimsuits, and the richest Greeks and Americans. And the Arabs, for whom Qatar Airways finally launched a direct flight from Doha in may. So that they do not give up the habit of ordering a hundred "Veuve Clicquot" in Nammos at once, putting on masks for snorkeling and splashing at others. At six, professional artists come, but vacationers dance on the tables at five – first blondes, then Cavaliers of different weight and age categories. Cabana costs five thousand euros, but next to you will be Valentino, driver Lewis Hamilton, marayI'm Cary. "Here we celebrated the birthday of my friend Niki. For me, this is the best beach restaurant in the world," says Oksana Lavrentieva categorically. "I still remember how we danced on the tables to the hits of foreign pop music after risotto with lobster and several magnums," Ksenia Lukash smiles sweetly.

Those who prefer to hang out in privacy, go to the beach restaurant Hippie Fish. The audience doesn't look like hippies any more than I do, but they don't drink champagne, they drink local rose Amethystos, and there's quite a large crowd of these "hermits".

Sometimes it is important that the whole day you, relaxed, look only at your own, and at the same time the beach was decorated with a spectacular view – then you need to go to Saint Anna Beach Club. It has a pleasant neighborhood with a three-level restaurant Spilia on the rocks. If you visited spontaneously, ask the Manager Natalia, she will give you the best table. Don't forget to capture yourself with a dozen octopuses hanging out to dry in the sun. This is the same signature frame as the mills in the Old city.

In General, a complete idyll. Although some fears for the island are caused by the fact that Lindsay Lohan opens Lohan Beach House at the end of June. That is, not she, of course, opens, but her rich and beautiful Greek friend Dennis Papageorgiou. Two summers ago, Lindsay fought with her fiance Egor Tarabasov on her beloved Mykonos, and now she has a new life and a new business – she and Dennis opened their first club in Athens, and now its branch will be on the beach of Kalo Livadi.

During the day, only crazy tourists go to the Old city – despite the eternal wind of Mykonos, it is still very hot. Holidaymakers without guidebooks are drawn closer to the beautiful sunset. And they enjoy it from the Caprice bar, which is inconspicuous and unremarkable on the outside. But appearances are deceptive. If you are lucky, do as Yana Raskovalova-grab a table on the street, in the first row. Do not be embarrassed that you are sitting on the aisle – you will remember what you saw and what you saw for a long time.

If you feel strong, you should know that next to the mills there is a restaurant Sea Satin, which in addition to the impeccable freshness of fish offers dancing with napkins to Jewish, it seems, tunes. This is fun: everyone is sitting in their seats, waving napkins over their heads and whistling. And before closing, they break the dishes. Or you can go on the Asian line – people from Nammos opened a restaurant in the city Ling Ling by Hakkasan. Ordering a lot of food "to the table", washing it down with lychee Martini – this is a fashionable format that disposes to conversations.

Don't worry, you won't lose your precious party time this way-the main night club on the island, Cavo Paradiso, will give you the opportunity to have a quiet dinner. Even though the normal dinner time is nine-thirty. Many places in Mykonos die after midnight, but in Cavo real fighters dance, for which the most interesting begins after two o'clock in the morning – then famous DJs, from Solomun to David Guetta, stand at the console for them. And this is in simple years, and this club is twenty-five years old. It's scary to think what kind of creme de La creme will jump into the pool there at the first light of dawn, following the tradition.

Although DJ Smash believes that" the best sound and tech-house in General " is in the Void club. "This is a place with a cool design, suspiciously similar to the Ibiza club in Odessa. The doors are closed until two in the morning, but if you wait – it's definitely before dawn." And there is no need to go anywhere, it is located in the Old city. Like the Queen bar, where people come for a drink after dinner or shopping. By midnight, there will be music on the street-and it will feel like you are in a nightclub, only in the fresh air. The most sophisticated audience - from Olivier Rusteng to Vladislav Doronin - will be sitting very close at this time, in the restaurant Interni. They like it there: both Bellini is good, and there is a chance to talk quietly at the bar.

The heiress of "EUROCEMENT", exemplary mother Alina galcheva-Calcidou recommends a different mode of the day – go to the beach to sunbathe Alemagu and do not move anywhere in the evening: "You don't feel like a sardine in a jar, there is enough space between the sun beds. And the water is warmer than in other places. A definite plus is high-quality electronic music. The sound is wonderful because the beach is located between the rocks."

At Jackie O ' beach, named after Jackie Kennedy Onassis, the sound is also fine. Dsquared2, whose theme parties roamed from location to location," Jackie " also did not escape their attention. But it's great without them: a nice restaurant, black beds with a personal Butler, and in the evenings they give a show of transvestites.

In the Scorpios club, it is also customary to see off the sunset by dancing on the rocks.

Vacationers have been dancing on tables since five o'clock. First the blondes, then the men.

A cinematic Bedouin bonfire, waiters in djelabs here every day, and the main DJ deliveries - on Thursdays (last year played the eldest son of Marianna and Rashid Sardarov Timur), and it is difficult to get there. If you don't want to spoil your mood by standing in line, act like smart regulars – come on a tender pre-ordered from the Santa Marina hotel. Or make contact with the all-powerful Mykonos Concierge Ilias Gaitanis.

To have a place to lay your head, experienced groups of party-goers rent villas. But the hotel theme in Mykonos is well covered. The classic is, of course, Belvedere. Here you will find the Nobu restaurant, the Venyx jewelry boutique of Eugenia Niarchos, and an impeccable selection in a multi-brand. The list of guests includes familiar names – Leonardo DiCaprio, Alessandra Ambrosio, Ariana Grande, Gerard Butler.

Santa Marina, the second strategic location, opened this year after renovation. This is a favorite hotel of Russians and Hollywood. In the "Buddha bar" there with "Margarita" rest either Sharon stone, Mel Gibson, Linda Evangelista, the cheating "Belvedere" Alessandra Ambrosio, Constance Jablonsky. The secret is that the Bay of the hotel is ideal for Parking yachts: there are fifty-meter boat Regina d'halie by Stefano Gabbana, and snow-white Latitude by Natasha Poli and her husband Peter Bakker. And that Natasha and Dasha recommend "best beach and great sun beds". Although Victoria Lopyreva prefers Mykonos Blu and regularly closes it on her birthday on July 26. And this is not counting designer hotels-recently, for example, Bill & Coo opened with a private beach and pools in the rooms.

But you do not think that in Mykonos only drink and under this case jump into the pool. Here is one of the best places in the world for kitesurfing-the wind Meltemi blows steadily, you do not need to wait for the sea weather. There is a school where Kim Kardashian herself practiced. My friend Masha Kazakova also starts every morning on the island with an hour-long training session.

In General, we must go – this summer we will be there in a good company of Natasha Poly, Boris and Irina Zarkov, Inna Sosina, Vika Krutoy, Yulia Matvienko, Milana Koroleva, St. Petersburg fashionista, Director of the Dior boutique Shorena Ginali. I won't insist, but I would write a little more than one word on big beach bags. Mykonos fucks Ibiza is a favorite saying on the island.


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