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Where and how can I meet a football player?

How to get acquainted

Some girls are attracted to men in military uniforms, and others – in sports. In General, the" demand " for guys who play sports is very high. And football players, often prominent people. Therefore, the attention of girls is not deprived, and is constantly "in demand". Usually, the wives of athletes did not always even know that their husbands would become famous or even devote their careers to sports. Some girls met them in their childhood, youth, before their fame. They either went to school together, or lived in the same yard or do sports in the institution.

Now ladies are also marrying well-known football players. But this happens very rarely. Usually, they "rotate" in the same circles – elite. Earlier, in Soviet times, there was even a certain tradition – a football player and a gymnast – an ideal couple. Now, for the most part, an ideal couple is considered to be some model.

But, an ordinary girl, that is, not a model, can also get acquainted with an active young man for further relationships. In this case, she must find out where and how to meet him.

Where can I meet a football player

Sitting in the stands during a match, to get acquainted with a football player-the probability is zero. During the game, the attention of athletes is directed at the ball and the opponent, but not at the girls sitting in the stands.

Before the start of the game and after it-also almost zero probability to meet a football player. Before the game, they prepare for it, and after – go to change clothes and relax.

But, people who lead a healthy lifestyle, train for a long time, especially before important matches. Their training takes place on special sports grounds in closed rooms, or on a street field. If there is a field nearby where athletes train periodically, then you can meet a football player there. Such a field can even be in the nearest yard from the house where the girl lives.

You can also meet a young person in the sports section, school. If a girl is engaged in any kind of sport in the same institution, it is an ideal place for Dating and communication in between training sessions.

Football players are also people. After the game, if they win, they can go to the nearest bar to celebrate. In such an institution, you can also get acquainted with it. But, you need to find the right moment and motive for Dating. For example, you can approach and ask for an autograph from the player you like – as an option. If this does not distract him much from the conversation with his teammates, then start a dialogue with him.

You can get to know a football player through mutual friends or acquaintances, for example, if everyone is gathered in one place to celebrate an event-someone's birthday.

You can also get acquainted with an athlete if the girl herself is engaged in and interested in sports. She can play soccer herself in the women's national team. Athletes who train in the same complex often overlap in it. One of these meetings can also be a reason to get acquainted.

A girl who has received an education in sports can become a coach and start working in a fitness club. Some football players, to maintain their physical shape, visit such institutions. However, most often they are trained in the tried and attached for their clubs.

Famous players are equated to stars because of their popularity. Such individuals attend various large-scale events. They communicate and live in their "elite" society. Usually, such events are closed, and access to these places is restricted. Only a person with VIP access can get to the event. To get such access is unlikely for an ordinary girl, that is, not from this society or a friend. Therefore, you can only meet a famous football player by chance, and even more so marry him during the heyday of his career. By the way, in England, there is even a closed club of football players ' wives, where they communicate with each other and maintain friendship. Where else can a girl meet a player? Of course, in social networks. Start a dialogue with him is possible if the guy is not a global star. For very famous, it is unlikely to respond to a message to a stranger at all. All the more reason to know that a large number of pages of famous personalities are generally fake!

How can a girl meet a football player

It will be extremely difficult to get acquainted with a famous football player, that is, already a sports star. And even more so, expect something more than an autograph. To get acquainted with this, the girl must also be a well-known, purposeful person, and not a simple "gray mouse"! After all, most often they pay attention to such, as well as with a model appearance.

It is important for them not only to be in a relationship with a worthy and famous girl, but also a beautiful one. As in many of the events known to the young people appear together with beautiful ladies. To some extent, the opinion of others is important to them. Therefore, if you are not a beauty, a model, just an ordinary girl-to meet a famous athlete, the probability is almost zero.

But if for some reason a girl is attracted to football players, then she can get acquainted with a novice or not yet known athlete. It may be that you will get married and then he will become a football star.

You can meet a football player in different situations. You can be friends with them or with their friend since childhood, and in the future you will have a relationship. Or, you can work as a regular salesman in a sports goods store. Get acquainted with it, during a conversation about a product. Well, what the hell is not joking! Of course, such cases of Dating football players are rare, but they are not an exception.

There is a real example of how my friend met a football player. She was not interested in sports, and was generally a creative person. The girl was interested in professional photo and video shooting. Once, she was invited to take a photo of a football team for a student newspaper. In the process of shooting, the girl met a football player from this team – just started a fleeting dialogue. Almost a year later, they were married.


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