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What you should know before having an affair with a flight attendant: 9 things

These heavenly creatures can serve as a standard of femininity and therefore attract male attention. However, numerous advantages also repel, because the applicant instinctively feels that the competition in this case will be serious. Is this true? How likely is an affair with an international or domestic flight attendant? And how can it end? The answer to these and many other exciting questions requires knowledge of some specific professional aspects. Nine of them are listed below. Everything else depends on the identity of the particular flight attendant. They are also different, like all people, and have individual traits. But they have something in common. So...

1. Calm and self-control

The stewardess is able to maintain composure in a very difficult situation. This is facilitated by two main factors. First, innate courage and fortitude are dictated by the rules of professional selection. Coward in the flight school will not take, he will not pass even the initial tests, and flight attendants sometimes need no less courage, just remember Nadezhda Kurchenko, who closed the door to the pilot's cabin from the terrorists. And in cases of other emergency situations, the stewardess should radiate calm and confidence, even if she is very scared. This is second, because it is taught.

2. Beauty

Others are simply not hired for this job. Each flight attendant serves as the face of the airline, and her duties include a beautiful appearance. Any carelessness in clothing (uniform) or hairstyle is unacceptable. By the way, this is the scaring factor, men are mostly convinced that all beauties are bitches. They may be right to some extent, but there are exceptions.

3. Legibility

For some reason, there are numerous rumors that this service promotes numerous extramarital Affairs. In fact, flight attendants are very tired, and they, as a rule, neither during the flight, nor immediately after it is not up to amorous adventures. In addition, for inappropriate behavior and unwanted relationships, you can easily lose your job, and the pay for flight attendants is very good. By the way, about this…

4. Self-sufficiency

Salaries and bonuses in civil aviation are really very good, so it is not easy to shake the scale of luxury stewardess, it requires a considerable fortune. If other attractive features are too tight, it is best to refrain from showing financial capabilities. They are "not led"to this.

5. Broad Outlook and high intelligence

The myth of the beautiful fool is better forgotten, at least it has nothing to do with flight attendants. This work requires the ability to quickly concentrate and instantly make the right decisions. In addition, familiarity with many air harbors implies an excellent knowledge of the national specifics of different countries. Knowledge of applied psychology is also necessary for conflict-free communication with a variety of (including very capricious) passengers.

6. Manic cleanliness

The stewardess washes her hands constantly, she wipes all the handles with a disinfectant solution and takes care of hygiene better than any doctor. Planes arrive in many exotic countries, and diseases there are also difficult. The habit of cleanliness becomes a character trait.

7. Taste for good food

You can not call "airplane" food disgusting, it is even delicious in its own way, but if you eat it constantly… In General, at every opportunity, the girls "come off" on local colorful delicacies. The salary allows.

8. Caring

If you can start a relationship with a flight attendant, you can be sure that she will be able to take care of everything that concerns convenience and comfort. She certainly can do that.

9. Unassuming and simple

It seems paradoxical, but flight attendants, so beautiful, smart, bold and all able, are often alone. They will not be seduced by money, surprised by exoticism, or touched by care. They just need real men. The bar is high.

Didn't it frighten you? Then be bold!


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