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What to wear on a date.

What to wear on a date – the Best outfits according to men.

What to dress up for a first date: 3 win-win options Plan: — What to dress up for a first date: 3 win-win options — How not to dress on dates? — Date clothes according to your body type - Myths about appearance on a date — Simple tips to help you look great - Conclusion 1. Simple dress + classic shoes.

As the great Coco Chanel said: "If you are struck by the beauty of a woman, but you can not remember what she was wearing, then she was dressed perfectly." So there is nothing wrong with dressing as simply as possible, but in a way that suits you. A small black dress (or any other, simple and emphasizing the dignity of the figure) and classic shoes with a small heel are the basis for an attractive image. Let him focus on getting to know your personality better, rather than looking at your cleavage or trying to see the many details of your image.

2. Figure-jeans + comfy shoes wedges.

According to research, men consider skinny jeans the sexiest clothing for girls. So feel free to wear your favorite jeans that fit perfectly (not necessarily skinny — based on the features of the figure) and a top or shirt. If the image seems too boring, add an interesting clutch and a pair of bright accessories. Shoes are better to choose a heel or wedge, but not too high, you should be comfortable if you want to walk after dinner.

3. Romantic tutu skirt + slip-ons

.Complement a delicate pack of pastel shades with a simple top or a form-fitting bodysuit. He just won't have a chance not to fall in love! If you don't want to evoke associations with a fairy girl, choose a lush pack of gray or black colors. It will make your body fragile and add to the charm. And don't forget about beautiful underwear! Even if you are not ready to immediately invite him to your home, the perfect set of underwear will lift your mood and make you more confident.

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