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What to do in Abu Dhabi: 15 things to do for sure

Visit the Sheikh Zayed mosque

The main attraction of Abu Dhabi is undoubtedly the Sheikh Zayed mosque. The Sheikh was the founder and first President of the Arab Emirates, the first to come up with the idea of extracting and selling oil, which benefitted the country's citizens. Now everything that can be named after Sheikh Zayed is named after him.

The mosque is amazing-82 domes, 4 minarets 107 m high, that is more than three nine-story houses, the world's largest handmade carpet, one of the world's largest chandeliers, which, among other things, is decorated with Swarovski crystals and covered with gold leaf...

This mosque can be visited by non-Muslims and this is good news for all tourists.

To buy Souvenirs in the Arab market

The oldest Arab Bazaar in the Emirates is old Souk, which you will find in the center of Abu Dhabi at 405 Hamdan Bin Mohammed St, Abu Dhabi. At the market, you can not only breathe in the atmosphere of the true East, but also buy interesting Souvenirs-from aromas and spices to national clothing and carpets.

Prices are reasonable, and you must bargain.

Go to the zoo and feed the animals

In the Abu Dhabi zoo, the mimimeter will not just go off the scale, but will completely fail, because here you can feed the cubs from a bottle. You can buy a bottle and pay for the event at the checkout, it costs about $5. You are afraid to feed yourself — see how others do it, no matter how great the experience is provided to you.

You can also have Breakfast at the same table with a giraffe, have lunch with a leopard, feed crocodiles, ride horses or camels, and watch a seal show.

Drink coffee with Golden crumbs at the luxury Emirates Palace hotel

The most expensive and luxurious hotel in the UAE — the Emirates Palace-is furnished in the Arab style luxury rooms that cost only $250, a private beach with the smallest white sand, pools for every taste, Golf courses, tennis courts, a Rugby field, a spacious Park with fountains, a yacht club, restaurants and bars, and here we will stop in more detail.

Coffee with Golden crumbs in La Cafe

In the cozy La Cafe, ask the waiter to bring you a Palace Cappuccino. You will be served a fragrant drink with the image of the domes of the Sheikh Zayed mosque on a lush foam and all this will be sprinkled with 999 gold crumbs. You will also get a glass of water, a traditional date and a small piece of chocolate. All this will cost $20. The cake costs another $10. The refined interiors of one of the best hotels in the world and the work of well-trained waiters are included in the price.

Go to the Louvre

From now on, you can join the beautiful in Abu Dhabi and you must do it without fail. The Louvre is not only a masterpiece of painting, but also a work of architectural art. The building of white stone is located on the water, which creates a feeling of merging the elements and you slightly lose the sense of reality. The roof of the Museum is an openwork dome, through which light enters the room, and the trunks and branches of trees planted inside the building stretch to the dome. And now you can't tell where the dome is, where the branches are, and where the high art is.

Have fun in the Ferrari World Park

Perhaps the most popular entertainment in the UAE is the Ferrari World Park and its fastest roller coaster in the world, Formula Rossa. In 4.9 seconds, you will accelerate to a speed of 240 km per hour, and if this is not enough, then there are 20 more slides where you can get a degree of extreme.

Ride a racing car on the Formula 1 track

If you are a true fan of extreme sports and Formula 1, you will find a unique race track with 21 turns and a straight track with a length of 1173 m. Here you can accelerate to a speed of 360 km per hour.

This track hosts the Formula 1 Grand Prix several days a year, and the rest of the time it hosts guests. You can rent Aston Martin, Chevrolet Camaro and Ferrari racing models.

Entertainment costs from $175 for renting a Chevrolet Camaro to $1,100 for a ride in a Ferrari.

You can also take a personal driving lesson in a race car for $400 per hour.

Take a walk on the Corniche promenade and feed the seagulls

If you are tired of active entertainment — relax on the Corniche. Here you will find a beautiful promenade with palm trees on one side and the Persian Gulf on the other, many cafes and restaurants with open terraces, a beach where you can have an evening picnic, and if you take a bun, you can feed the loud, but very graceful gulls that scurry in search of generous tourists.

Visit Yas Mall and dine at the restaurant with roller coasters

Shopping centers in the Emirates will not surprise anyone, but the original restaurant is still possible. If you want to get not only bread, but also circuses, go to Rogo's Rollercoaster in the Oz Mall.

On each table is a tablet with which you make your order. The chefs prepare the dish and it comes to your table on a real roller coaster.

A large Burger costs about $20, chicken and potatoes $25, drinks average $5.

Ride a sandboard

Ideal for those who do not like snow, but want to ride a Board — sandboard. The best dunes are located 150 km from Abu Dhabi in the RUB al-Khali desert. The easiest way to get there is to buy a tour at your hotel's tour Desk or at one of the city's tour centers. The cost of such a tour is around $250-300 for a company of 4 people. The price includes a round-trip transfer, Board and uniforms.

Spend a day at Yas Waterworld

The largest water Park in Abu Dhabi-Yas Waterworld - is 40 steep slides for adults and children, pools, including wave pools, sun terraces with comfortable sun beds, cute cafes from which you can immediately dive into the pool and everything you need to sunbathe and have fun.

The cost of visiting the water Park is from $70 per day for adults and from $65 for children.

Relax on the island of Sir Bani Yas

In the United Arab Emirates, you can relax on a real secluded island. The island is located 250 km from Abu Dhabi and to get there, you need to swim or fly through the Persian Strait. There are only three hotels and you can choose any option-from a small room on the beach to a luxury Villa with its own garden.

Anantara Al Sahel Villas offers five-star villas in a traditional African style, in Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Yamm Villa Resort you can rent a Villa with access to the beach, and in Anantara Desert Islands Resort & Spa choose a spacious Suite with sea views.

The most popular entertainment here is Safari, because most of the island is a nature reserve, where rare animals and birds live in a natural environment-giraffes, cheetahs, hyenas, gazelles, wild sheep, ostriches and others.

Safaris can be booked at the reception of the Danat Resort Jebel Dhanna on the mainland or at any of the three island hotels.

In addition to Safari, you can enjoy diving, Hiking, Cycling or sunbathing on the beach.

Get a history lesson in an ethnographic village

An ethnographic village is the best way to immerse yourself in the history of the country, learn about Arab traditions, compare how the locals lived 100 years ago and how they live now. In the middle of the metropolis and office centers, an oasis blooms, where huts made of palm branches huddle together, there are shopping stalls and, of course, souvenir shops, so that you do not leave empty-handed.

The good news is that the entrance to the village is free.

Be surprised by the records of the automobile Museum

The automobile Museum is located 60 km from the center of Abu Dhabi and belongs to Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan al Nahyan, the current President of the Arab Emirates.

Here you will find a collection of 220 cars, including a lot of unusual exhibits. For example, the world's oldest car-1885 year of release, a collection of 7 Mercedes S-class cars of all colors of the rainbow, one of the largest SUVs in the world - Dodge Power Wagon weighing 50 tons, the world's largest trailer — 20 m long and weighing 120 tons, a trailer in the form of a globe and other records. Car enthusiasts will find something to do.

The entire collection is estimated at $ 180 million, and the entrance ticket costs only 15, so come.

Sunbathe on the beach

The beach is the most affordable luxury in Abu Dhabi. The sand on the beaches is yellow and shallow, the water in the Persian Gulf is clean and warm, you only need to choose where to go and take a headdress so as not to overheat.

The best paid beach in Abu Dhabi is Yas island beach.

The beach has everything to relax: comfortable sun beds and large umbrellas, changing booths, showers and toilets, a small promenade, cafes and restaurants, kiosks with beach products and Souvenirs.

The cost of visiting the beach is $14 on weekdays and $28 on weekends. There are discounts for women and children.

Yas Hotel Abu Dhabi offers free access to the beach.

The best free beach in Abu Dhabi is called al Batin. It is located 11 km from the city center and here you can spend a great day sunbathing and swimming in the sea. Al Batin beach has changing booths, showers and toilets, but there are no sun beds or umbrellas, so it's best to bring your own umbrella and blanket. Near the beach there are cafes and shops, as well as children's and sports grounds.


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