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What perfume to give a girl

Perfume has long been considered a great gift for women, and men prefer to present their ladies with a certificate for self-purchase. It is believed that this is almost a 100% guarantee that the fragrance will be liked. Less busy representatives of the stronger sex go to the store with their half, so that she chooses perfume with them.

How do I know in advance what a girl will like?

* Talk to her friends. * Conduct an audit of the dressing table of your chosen one. * Ask directly what flavors she likes. * Try to determine what a woman smells like (flowers, sweets, spices, Oriental incense or citrus).

What perfume to give a girl

Unfortunately, neither age, nor lifestyle, Hobbies, place of residence or character can absolutely tell about the preferences of your half. But you can navigate by groups of flavors, given the situation for which the perfume is selected, or the season. All existing odors are divided into the following main groups. • Citrus fruits– are distinguished by the freshness and acidity, ideal for the summer. Bright representatives-Clinique Happy, Versace Versense. * Marine, also a great way to cool off in the summer heat. Examples: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, Escada Into the blue.

* Fruit– characterized by a sweet, unobtrusive smell. Usually, such perfumes easily distinguish the aroma of a particular fruit. They are recommended to be used in any season, for almost any occasion. Great options - DKNY be Delicious, Marc Jacobs Eau so fresh Sorbet. * Fresh-have a light herbal smell, suitable for holidays at the sea or summer in General (Escada Magnetism, Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche). • Floral– may be divided into two types: light and heavy day evening. Daywear is usually light and fresh, versatile, worn all year round. However, they are more popular in summer and spring: for example, Dolce & Gabanna 3 L'imperatrice or Gucci Flora. Evening flowers are advised to "walk" to the theater or restaurant, as well as in winter – with a sheepskin coat or fur coat. The best representatives - Dior J'adore, Chanel No. 5.

* Eastern-they will definitely not leave their hostess without compliments! The attention of others is sure to attract such compositions as Versace Crystal Noir or Yves Saint Laurent Opium. * Spicy-it is better to wear them in winter, because such smells are quite strong and heavy. We recommend you to choose Givenchy Ysatis, Estee Lauder Cinnabar. * Wood– winter and autumn options. Suitable for the office or theater, some official events (Ralph Lauren Romance or Gucci Envy me). We advise you to be careful with the last 3 groups, as these odors can cause headaches. You need to know exactly whether a young girl likes them or not.

Where to buy and how to choose

Go to the cosmetics Department or to a specialized perfume store. At the same time, it is best to choose well-known chain establishments, because they value their reputation. So the chance to buy a fake is reduced to zero. Street stalls, stalls or crosswalks are a dubious option for shopping, even if the prices are lower. If possible, use the duty-free service or ask your frequently traveling friends to visit the duty-free stores.

As for the choice of flavor, there are some subtleties. Apply a little toilet water to the blotter - a special strip of paper that you will be given (or you will take it yourself) in the store. Wait a few seconds – until the alcohol evaporates, after which you can feel the smell itself. Did you like it? You'll have to wander around the racks for another half hour, and then try the same sample again. The fact is that a high-quality perfume can open up, changing the smell over time. Then other notes come to the fore that can dramatically change your first impression. And the last recommendation. Even if you managed to find out in advance what kind of perfume the girl wants, do not buy them without a preliminary test. They risk not liking you yourself, and staying close to your partner can turn into a torment. Therefore, when choosing perfumes, do not forget about your own taste.


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