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What makes Parisian men unique.

In this article, I will list the 5 most important things that will help you create an idea of Parisian men. The famous French writer Sacha Guitry once said that "to be a Parisian does not mean to be born in Paris, but to be reborn there".

1. They prefer "natural" women

A beautiful woman in the eyes of a Parisian is a "natural" woman. Natural means fresh and clean, not pretentious, with tasteful clothes, tangled hair and a radiant face. Carolyn de Maigret is an excellent example of a woman considered beautiful by French standards. Her long, matted hair, glowing skin, and effortless yet elegant appearance made her a famous Parisian.

However, be careful in evaluating Parisian men and do not think that because they prefer natural women, this makes them less attached to appearance. In my opinion, this is absolutely wrong, not that Parisian men do not pay attention to appearance, they just have a slightly different idea of what they consider beautiful. The preference for" natural " women also does not make life easier for women themselves: they are still expected to meet the standards of beauty, while not outwardly making excessive efforts to look at ease and natural.

2. they have a" French " way of Dating

You may have heard that in France they are not found as in other cultures (such as the Americans). Flirting and Dating are less orderly here than in the United States. There is no such thing as a set of rules for what you should do on the first, second, and third dates. Parisian men usually invite you for coffee in the middle of the day: this is not a date or a casual hangout – just you and him, on the terrace in each other's company. This doesn't mean that Parisian men are less likely to commit – it's just that they believe all these things happen naturally, without the need to define a relationship through formal conversation. As a rule, they are much more instinctive. However, a cliché that I have encountered many times suggests that Parisian men have a more casual nature of Dating, unlike other men. I think this is absolutely wrong. In fact, the "Netflix and Chill" culture is almost non-existent here. Going out on the street, Parisian men pay great attention to the value of the moment that he is going to spend with you. Often they don't offer a fancy restaurant, but usually a Cup of coffee at their favorite coffee shop. And if they invite you to their house, they will prepare a good dinner for you.

3. They like to enjoy simple things

This has something to do with what I described above: the Parisian men who pay great attention to the moment spent with you together. They really pay attention to a lot of small details of their daily life: what they eat and where, what wine they drink, whether their coffee is good, the path they choose when going to work. In this sense, in my opinion, lies their sophistication: not so much in the sophistication of their clothing or food, but in the attention they pay to them. The idea of a perfect evening for a Parisian in spring is jeans and a t-shirt, a bottle of good wine, and a stay in your favorite place on the banks of the Seine, watching the sun set and listening to music.

4. They are looking for partners

I'm not just talking about Dating here, I'm talking about all kinds of human relationships. Parisian men appreciate the variety they can enjoy-whether it's dancing, a quick trip to the supermarket for humus and olives, or hours of discussion. At the same time, they tend to appreciate people who are complex natures, but also appreciate the simplest things of everyday life, adding their own point of view to them. When communicating with a Parisian man (romantically or platonically), ask yourself: what was unique in your perception of the world? And are you going to implement this perception in your daily life? What happened today, and was it a significant or wonderful moment for you to share?

5. Culture is part of their way of life

Once again, let me remind you that I am talking about a specific social environment – but I think that culture is inextricably linked to the lifestyle of a Parisian man. Paris is one of the most famous cultural capitals of the world, and music, museums, movies, photography and literature only fill this city with various factors. It would be untrue to tell you that Parisians visit exhibitions twice a week – I think they do it much more often. Cinema, in particular, is a very important part of the life of Parisian men, many of whom can afford it by having a UCG-illimité card that allows you to go to the cinema as many times as you want. They are all very proud of their likes and dislikes, and often show a passionate attachment to certain new things that may please them. And, of course, know that Parisian men can be snobs. This is part of their character, and they are often proud of it: Benjamin Biolay – a Parisian singer who is considered an icon in France, the famous cover of Je suis snob ("I am a snob"), written by Boris Vian (a famous French writer).

Benjamin Biolay, famous French singer

Culture is very important for the French identity, so most of the museums here are free for French people under the age of 26. Some French schools take children on Museum tours from an early age – culture is everywhere, and although not everyone is familiar with every aspect of it, most Parisians understand the importance of touching cultural objects because it helps them think and develop their own sensitivity. I could continue this topic, but it's time to finish the article. I hope she has provided you with some overview of the cultural characteristics of Parisian men. As you may have realized, being a Parisian is not so much what we do, but how we look at what we do – our view of life. I think that this is what Sacha Guitry meant when he wrote this sentence, which I shared with you at the beginning of the article: "To be a Parisian is not to be born in Paris, but to be reborn there." In my opinion, what he means by "rebirth" in Paris is the search for a new, curious, carefree, but stable perspective and the relentless work to cultivate this perspective and look at life through its prism. Being a Parisian means cultivating the ability to grow and live in the world in the most beautiful and meaningful way, and applying this way of living in the world to your life in Paris, and not only in Paris, but wherever you are. I hope this article was helpful in helping you better understand what makes French men and French culture so special.

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