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What kind of entertainment is there in Ibiza?

Ibiza!!! This is the center of all the fun, this is the heart of the best parties, this is a complete break and drive! Here's where you can go in Ibiza.


If someone has been to clubs of this brand in other countries, they will say that this club will not let you down for sure, certainly in Ibiza. After entering the club, and following a long corridor, You will find yourself on Sunset Terrace, where you will find a crowd of clubbers on the dance floor. Next, you can find a number of halls, each with a different style of music-from a quiet lounge to hardcore and electronic. Another glass-enclosed terrace provides a little more space – you can drink and enjoy music there, although you can't chat - the music only rumbles along the way! The music in "Space" doesn't seem to stop for a minute. People from all over the world are going to hang out here until the morning, and certainly, if you are in Ibiza, do not miss the chance to visit this club.

Entrance fee -29 € - 65 €. Beer - from € 10, alcoholic beverages - from € 14, shots - € 6, soft drinks - from € 7. as you can see, to get drunk, you will have to spend a lot here. The best parties are on Sundays, the famous "We Love Space" (which can last all day) and on Tuesdays - "Carl Cox party".

Opening hours: mon-sat 10pm-6am, Saturday 16: 30-6: 00 (summer only)

Address: Carretera de Playa d'en Bossa


Another world-class club. And it is definitely one of the most fashionable clubs on the island. Especially cool to visit this club in the summer, when the coolest parties are held. The club consists of several venues , but the music here is usually a variation of the good old sexy, soulful electro-house. In the main hall, famous DJs often perform, there is a huge dance floor, many bars and several balconies with a good view of the" show " below. Those who prefer hip-hop can visit the "Global Room", while other halls play Spanish pop or funk house.

Guests can relax on the spacious terrace with comfortable sofas. This club is visited by all tourists, there are celebrities, socialites and fashionable locals. You can also have a snack in the Patch, and the restaurant at the club serves traditional Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine. Food is not served in the club itself. Tickets to discos cost € 40 - € 70 and above( up to 90 euros). The average dinner is€ 70. Beer - € 10, cocktails - from € 12, water - € 6. We dress up in this club smart-casual or sexy.

Opening hours: daily in summer and winter on Friday and Saturday from midnight to 6 am.

Address: Avinguda 8 d'agost «Privilege»

This club has the honor of being the largest club in the world, where more than 10,000 people can dance shoulder to shoulder every day. Accordingly, the area of the club is huge, there are several arenas, each with a separate DJ console. In one of these arenas, a DJ console is suspended in the air above the pool, which becomes the epicenter of parties. In this hall and erotic go-go dancers, and aerialists, and lights-a complete thrash! Not long to get lost in this club, I will tell you, because in addition to this hall, the club has a whole bunch of rooms with different musical accompaniment, but each hovers a frenzied energy!

After wild dancing, you can relax on the spacious terrace or in the garden. The most diverse audience of 20-30 years old, including many Europeans, come to the club. Entrance fee - € 30 - € 80 depending on the night and month. Beer - from € 8, cocktails - from € 12, shots - from € 6, water - € 7. the coolest parties - on Mondays ("A State of Trance" with Armin Van Buuren), on Thursdays ( the most different music) and Fridays (house party)

Opening hours: daily from midnight to 6 am (only in summer)

Address: Calle de Ibiza, 7 ( by the way, the club can be reached by a free bus that departs every half hour from the main port of Ibiza, from the areas of Playa d'en Bossa and San Antonio, from midnight to 6 am)


"Amnesia" has undergone a number of changes over the past few years, transforming from a psychedelic open-air oasis to an epic megaclub with crazy parties. Due to its size and diverse theme nights, this spacious club with two halls is popular with a number of guests, and the contingent changes every time.

The giant dance floor in the first room is a favorite place for desperate clubbers who stomp here until the morning, under the cooling streams of dry ice. An even more massive second room with palm trees and a transparent roof creates a more conversation-friendly atmosphere, while the VIP area at the top offers an incredible view of the madness on the lower levels. Although the atmosphere at "Amnesia "is more friendly and simple than in other places of this size, the dancing there is just as wild, especially during the legendary foam parties and the" Cream party", which celebrates the celebration of alternative lifestyles and bad behavior.

Such blocks of DJ consoles as Paul van Dyk, Calvin Harris, Sven Vath, Skrillex, Afrojack and others perform here. Beer here costs from € 10, cocktails - from € 12, water - € 6. the style of clothing-in principle, any, but often fall here freaks in the most unusual outfits. The best parties are Monday's "Cocoon party", Tuesday's" Together party", Thursday's" Cream party", and Sunday's foam parties. By the way, the foam at a party on Sunday may not start to fall until 5am, so those who want to get wet and dance in the foam should be prepared to stay until closing time.

Opening hours: daily from midnight to 6 am (only in summer)

Address: San Antonio Road Km. 5


Given the slightly industrial appearance of the club, one can only wonder why it got its name. But as soon as the party begins, and the laser beams begin to lick the relatively minimalistic interior of the hall, it becomes clear that this club is ideal for getting drunk and dancing as much as possible on the dance floor. The club is located on two floors, there is a terrace, there are two VIP areas, thirteen bars, and a spacious dance floor in the center, which is regularly teeming with a crowd of ordinary guys and girls. In an attempt to rise to the rank of the coolest clubs, "Eden" often invites famous DJs and holds otvyaznye parties.

Address: Calle Salvador Espriu

Ibiza is just the place to go if You want to have fun. The island is full of entertainment, most of them really suitable for young people, as well as for middle-aged people.

Please also pay attention to the clubs "Es Paradis" and "Ibiza". Super!


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