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What kind of beer do Danes prefer.

The Danes prefer light beer (Pale lager / Pilsner) - it accounts for 95% of the country's total beverage sales. Among other varieties common: Guld (light camp with a strength of 5.7%); Hvidtol (light and sweet Danish beer, 2%); Julebryg and Juleol ("Christmas" camps and ales, strength 5-6%); Påskeol (seasonal “Easter” beer, lagers 5-6%).

The price of Danish beer in stores is about 2 € per bottle, in restaurants and pubs a glass is poured for 5-8 €. A good selection of foam is available in the city's favorite City Pub, the Danes.

In addition to well-known brands, private brewery products deserve attention. To get acquainted with craft varieties, it is best to contact the staff of the hotel or apartment in which you stay. The Danes love beer and will certainly tell you “places not indicated on the maps” where fans of foam can enjoy its taste.

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