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What kind of Australian men are they?

Marry an Australian.

Let's just say that Australians are considered very enviable suitors. First, according to all social surveys, Australians love family very much. Secondly, Australian men love Russian women as the personification of femininity and motherhood. Third, there aren't many women in Australia at all, and the local ladies are too career-oriented rather than family-oriented. Fourth, Australian law is completely on the side of women, in case the court will give the wife half of the property. This is a minimum. As a maximum – 90%.

But there is a fly in the ointment in this huge barrel of honey – Australians are extremely Patriarchal and very fond of dividing work into men's and women's. At least, the girls of the Green Continent explain their reluctance to get married. But it seems that Australian women eat too much – they would be sent to marry Russian men, they would understand what treasures they reject! But until they get it, we can't miss the chance to be happy. Moreover, if suddenly an international couple does not come together, our girls will not be lost and will be able to ensure a decent existence – Australia ranks third in terms of living standards, overtaking the United States and Europe.

It is quite easy to get married to an Australian – the Internet is full of sites that specialize in Dating residents of this country. But it should be remembered that this is still not just another country, it is also another hemisphere – You are unlikely to see the big and Small Dipper from your balcony. It should also be remembered that Australia is a country of exotic spiders, Scorpions, cockroaches and snakes.

But, all these little things can not spoil the charm that is present in this country and its inhabitants. By the way, Australia is one of the most democratic countries: 30 nationalities live together peacefully on its territory. And mind you, you will never see news reports about riots and riots. This is considered a bad idea – you can always negotiate. There are many Russian emigrants in this country, about 25 million people. There are Orthodox churches there, and no one prevents the Russian-speaking population from celebrating all national holidays – the Cossacks managed to maintain their identity for 100 years, and this is worth a lot.

But before you make a decision and fly headlong across the oceans, you should weigh everything. There are inadequate men everywhere, and there are plenty of them on the Australian coast, too. So, before you give your hand and heart, try to better study the candidate, because if anything, the catchphrase of all Russian women "Everything! I'm going to my mother!» not to say. But, according to most former compatriots., if you are lucky enough to meet the man of your dreams, he will not turn into a monster after the birth of a child. Australians are generally believed to be witty, cheerful, confident and straightforward. The official language is English.

Now about childbirth. The Australian government is very interested in having a lot of children and is doing everything to ensure that they are. In maternity hospitals, mothers are surrounded by attention and care, there are no draconian rules about what you can eat and what you can not eat. In the dining rooms can be arranged buffet, where each can afford food, according to the national habits and personal preferences. For each child under one year, a mandatory allowance of 300 Australian dollars is paid.

With the criminal situation is quite calm – the main hooligans of the country, these are the aborigines of Australia, who live on benefits from the state and very quickly get drunk. However, they do not bother natives, so you can walk at any time you want. Sydney, the capital of Australia, stands on the ocean. Therefore, the scenery that opens up from the residential areas is simply impressive.

Life in Australia is measured and unhurried, there are no political and economic shocks. So if you dream of an overseas Prince, in the truest sense of the word, marry an Australian.

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