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For sure, you have heard about the existence of Swedish families at least once in your life. In our conservative society, this concept does not sound as simple and usual as, for example, in European countries.

What does Swedish family mean? Today, this expression also means that people can live not traditionally in pairs, but several people at the same time. For example, several people run the same household together, engage in sexual intercourse, and raise children. In General, they do everything that ordinary families do.

But the Swedes still do not understand why this expression has something to do with them. Note that all European countries at that time were filled with slogans – "make love, not war", including Sweden, Spain, Norway, and so on.But for some reason it was believed that the Swedes are more liberated in sexual terms. Even America has introduced the phrase "Swedish sin"into its terminology. There is an assumption that all this was done only because the Swedes refused to join NATO, which was created under the auspices of the United States. So, all over the world, Sweden has become famous as an immoral country, without any principles, especially in sex. But in defense of America, we can also say that the Swedes were really particularly democratic in terms of love and creating extraordinary families. Their school introduced specialized lessons that were aimed at teaching students about sex and all the concepts associated with it. Later, this trend swept through all civilized countries, but the Swedes were still the founders of this trend.

In addition, in the 1960s, a video was made on a sexual theme, which became known all over the world. The video was shot in the research genre, but it still shocked the world of the elite. At the same time, the world-famous musical group Abba was at the peak of its popularity. The group consisted of two young girls and two guys who repeatedly hinted that they all live together. They all of them looked sexy, in short shorts, skirts, tank-tops, etc. Their songs were also about love and relationship between the sexes. Today, Swedes do not understand why the concept of "Swedish family" is used in this way, and today they consider themselves chaste. Swedes claim that there is a place for prostitution and infidelity in their society, but in no case are they worth communal families.


Many modern men are positive about the idea of creating a polygamous marriage, but they do not even know what they agree to, because they do not know all the nuances of living in such a family. The main thing to remember is that the Swedish family is primarily a duty and responsibility, and not just a regular sexual relationship with several partners at the same time. Swedish family, whose sex should be in the foreground – this is a common misconception of young people. Sexual intercourse is, of course, very important and necessary, but it should not always be in the foreground. Let's imagine a family that consists of two men and one woman. In this Union, a woman is lucky – she always has someone to have sex with, she gets two salaries, good men help clean and cook. In addition, there is a healthy competition, and husbands in front of each other inundate their wife with all sorts of gifts and flowers. Sex with a family in this case means sex with two men, but most often it does not happen at the same time, but in turn. It also happens – one husband and two wives. Here the man will have a harder time, because he now needs to buy two gifts, satisfy two women's bodies, listen to gossip and conversations of two women. But this has its advantages – one cooks, the other cleans. A sexual act at the same time with two beauties can not but please a man. But remember that the disadvantages of such a life also exist. Note a few disadvantages of the Swedish family:

The main disadvantage is the frequent misunderstanding of each other. Constant resistance of society, which can be expressed in bad words, regular condemnation, possible clarification of relations by force, etc. One of the partners will remain in an unofficial status for the rest of their life, which also causes jealousy and dissatisfaction with the other. Also you have added relatives – mother-in-law, fathers-in-law, her father, mother-in-law. They are not always positive about creating such unions, which means that you will either communicate with raised voices, or lose contact with your family altogether. The disadvantage is that you will have to cook several times more, clean and wash more often. Many women are quite jealous, so they face problems of jealousy of their second wives and husbands. Wives can constantly argue with each other, and disputes often turn into fights. It is very difficult to pay equal attention to all family members, which is also why there are disagreements. Because of all these disadvantages listed above, such polyamorous families rarely live long. Thus, a few satisfied wives is, of course, a good thing, but dissatisfied women are a big problem that requires a lot of attention. But still, there are families who are happy with this life, which means they are happy together. Therefore, this type of Union has the right to exist.


Thus, it turns out that a person can simultaneously love several people at the same time. We can love several children at once, why can't we do this with adults? If you realize that you do not accept a normal monogamous marriage, it is better to immediately inform your partner about this. Yes, you may encounter a wall of incomprehension, but it is, in any case, better than to live forever to change or tolerate infidelity. This way you will be open to your loved one.


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