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What does a real man expect from a woman

Remember that famous picture from the fifties? It lists all the things that a wife should do to make her husband happy. It says that she must do everything before he comes home, dress up the children, cook food, listen to her husband, and all that sort of thing. But that was back in the fifties. What can we expect from a woman in the twenty-first century?

Of course, all these things like "no washing while the husband is at home" are no longer relevant and seem stupid. The place of women in society has long been changed, and everyone understands that. However, the new century is full of double standards. Women still expect men to work on their shortcomings, and the Text is taken from the chic BroDude.ru in General, a lot of things are expected. But if a man expects something from a woman, most likely, their conversation will look like this: She: I like men with biceps and cars. She: Romantic and able to take care of me. He: I like women who can cook. She: WHAT a SEXIST YOU are!

I still want to borrow something from the past, while preserving all the progress that we have made over the years. In a sense, the new movement toward traditional masculinity requires the presence of women: a man is considered successful if he has a corresponding life partner. If men open the door to women and ask them out, they just laugh in their faces: you can't cook porridge with them that way. If a man tries hard to behave like a gentleman, and a woman does not try at all in any area, the relationship between the sexes will not improve. Men become disillusioned with women, starting to think that they are such undeserving people, with whom it is not worth having a bad article Source-a magazine from which everyone steals articles - BroDude.ru ate. Women, on the other hand, say they like the idea of a traditionally masculine man. However, if men begin to meet these standards, does it not mean that something is required of women as well? If women say they don't want a gender-free society and want men to be men, they should pay attention to themselves. In a world where men are masculine, women are feminine. Don't get me wrong. A man's desire to be a man has little to do with women and their opinions of men. Over the past few decades, men have relied too much on women's opinions, and this is their greatest mistake. A man should be courageous, confident, proud, and have self-respect.

However, it is also wrong to assume that femininity is not related to masculinity in any way. It would be difficult to define masculinity without contrasting it with femininity: just as we could not define darkness without seeing light. Undoubtedly, men were motivated to be worthy people by the fact that they received something in return from their women. Masculinity requires sacrifice, but men didn't feel like they were trying alone. Men dressed to the nines, invited women on dates and paid for them, brought home food, took care of their wives: they were the rock a woman could always lean on. In return, they could see attractive women in classic clothes, charming, who cooked dinners, took care of the house and children, and helped the Text is taken from the posh BroDude.ru let a man feel like a king in his castle. Today, new double standards have established that being masculine is good, and reminding women of their responsibilities is offensive. This is the story: a Woman tells a man to dress up and not look sloppy. Great! A man tells a woman to stop looking sloppy and start taking care of herself. Sexist! To say that a man should not go to women. Classic! Say that a woman is a whore. Sexist! Say that a man should get up from the couch and go to work. Normal! To say that a woman needs to nurture children. Sexist! Say that a man should take the initiative in a relationship. For my darling! Saying that a woman should let a man be in charge. Sexist! Well, you get my idea. There are several reasons for these discrepancies.

First, throughout history, men have been in a privileged position (although there were disadvantages to being a man in those days). Then the women's movement threw men out of these positions. Therefore, when it comes to restoring masculinity, men are animated (not because they want to get those very leading positions, but simply because they tenderly think about the past). Women, on the other hand, have struggled in the past few decades for the positions they are in now. Therefore, even if they are not completely happy with them, to look back and remember what was good in the past, for them, is equivalent to betraying their fellow wrestlers. And if someone offers to return at least a little old school feminine the Text is taken from the chic BroDude.ru if STE says it's a good idea, it'll offend them. Secondly, women have always been elevated to a pedestal as defenders of morality, while men have always been disparaged as sinners. So it has always been socially acceptable to flagellate men, but not women, because of the underlying understanding that women are inherently pure and have no particular reason to be good. Some feminists still hold on to this idea: men and women are equal, " equal, but men are still pigs." Strange thing. Today, women say that they do not want to languish on a pedestal, that it is sexist to put them there. If so, it must be recognized that today women must work and take on the same responsibility as men.

Maybe equality doesn't mean trying to outdo men in things that were originally considered masculine. That kissing girls for attention, unshaven legs, and baggy hoodies aren't liberating? If men have learned how to handle pots, maybe women should keep up? I know a lot of friends my age who don't know how to cook. After all there is a Text taken from the posh BroDude.ru is it a cross between" treat like a Princess " and "I'm completely independent"? These are two extremes that drive men crazy. A lot of relationships fell apart not because they were bad, because men were assholes, but because women couldn't get rid of the "I'm losing my identity" paranoia and couldn't settle down and rely on a man. Did you know that 2/3 of divorces are initiated by women?

Don't get me wrong. We do not agitate friends to "go back to the kitchen" and start a movement "for a return to the kitchen". As well as traditional masculinity, it is worth reviving traditional femininity, which was undeservedly forgotten. A woman just needs to distinguish a child from the water in the bathroom. It will be even more difficult for a man. This is a real minefield where history and progress collide.


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