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What do men want? What do men dream about?

Hello, dear friends. We have already talked about "what women want and what women dream about". Now we will touch on a similar topic, but this topic is already intended more for women. The topic of today's article: "what do men want? What do men dream about?"

Interestingly, women can be very concerned about this issue. Especially those women who understand the difference between men and women. In this article, we will talk about the main points of what men want. Let's do this because all men are different, as well as women, as well as every person on this Earth, but some similarities still appear.

Today, there are such men who love is important. In other words, for them it is a priority of life. That is, a man wants the same thing as a woman: to love and be loved. For all men, this is typical, but for most — it goes either to the second or third plan. But the fact remains that men also feel the need for love. To love and be loved. This we will leave! But still, men are created for other purposes, and life makes them think about other things. Now we will touch on the main male desires!

What do men want?

The first thing that comes to mind, especially this idea, probably, has never been born in women who read this article: men only want one thing... well, that's true. This is one of the male needs. Why? Because nature has made it so that our humanity continues to grow. To have children born on our Land. One of the purposes of a man is to continue the human race. This is why men are polygamous by nature (read the article: "how to build a monogamous relationship"). That is, they tend to "jump" from one girl to another. Reading the book by Alan and Barbara Pease: "Why men want sex and women want love", I learned that a man quickly loses interest in a woman after having sex with her... 5-6 times. You can think about it in your own way. But fact number one: men are created for the continuation of the human race. And the more they fertilize the eggs, the better they supposedly cope with their mission. But personally, I am against polygamy. We have enough people on Earth.

This was the first moment!!!

The second important point that men want is success!!! All men want to be more successful than their friend or colleague. Here they are constantly competing. A man thinks first of all about his career, about business, about creating something. There are many women career women now, but men are much happier in this regard than women. Men think about how to make more money, how to buy a new car and be visible among the female sex. This is, say, one of the motivations for men.

A man wants to be respected by his friends and colleagues. This fact is inherent for many members of the male sex. Career, business, creating something, money, success! All this is what a man thinks. All this is what a man wants!

What does a man want from a woman and from a relationship? This question is easy to answer, especially for me, as a representative of the male sex! I won't talk about sex right away. There is a tricky point here: those men who are interested in long-term relationships, sex comes in third or even fourth place. A man, first of all, looks for a woman:

Support. They won't say so directly. Here, in itself, you can feel whether a woman supports a man or not. A huge mistake that women make is when they begin to criticize their loved one instead of holding him, when he has difficulties. I'm not saying that you should cherish him and bring him a bottle of warm milk. You need to make sure that the man does not give up. That from your, dear women, words, actions-the man was ready to go to new feats. You are women-inspirations for men. It is you who make us move and do what will benefit you, us, and humanity as a whole. You are an inspiration. But if a woman criticizes, it acts as the opposite. Don't do this!!!

Energy. Men look for energy in women that can endow them with it. Usually in such cases, men begin to succeed in their business; they look more energetic, healthy and happy. Well, well-fed, of course! Men, as a rule, do not get acquainted with those girls whose face is sad and despondent. And sometimes "I hate everything and everything". On a subconscious level, men with such girls are not only afraid to get acquainted, but also feel that this acquaintance will not bring anything positive.

Physical intimacy. Yes, men want this from their dear woman, just as women want it from men. In a previous article: "what do women want? What do women dream about?", I said that girls are forced to hide their desires and needs in intimacy, just because they have a very negative opinion. Those men who are looking for a woman for a permanent relationship will flatly refuse to meet with such girls of "easy behavior". If women read this article and say that intimacy is not as important to them as it is to men, it is most likely because men are generally not very good at satisfying a woman. Because they do not know the female anatomy and a couple of techniques (read the secret article). But we will not talk about this here.

What else do men want?

Men love freedom. One of the reasons why guys don't want to have a permanent relationship is the fear of losing their freedom. This is usually the case. Women need their loved one to be constantly around. Therefore, they are constantly kept "on a leash". Men still want to go for a walk somewhere. They like to be alone with themselves and their friends.

Men like peace. Unlike women, emotions are not as important to men as they are to women. Sometimes a man wants to be alone with a newspaper in his hands in different places. Women constantly need to share everything with their man and their friends, too. But sometimes a man is not ready to listen to you.

What do men dream about?

Men dream of wealth, of their own mansion. About an expensive car and a lot of beautiful girls. About their influence and ability to change this world for the better. Most likely, this option will work. In other words, a man represents himself as a God or Superman. He likes it when his girlfriend thinks the same way. "He can do anything! He knows everything! He's the best." If you admit it, a man is a proud creature and likes to be admired. You can't take that away from him.

Everyone has different dreams! Some men dream of a quiet family life. Especially when a man turned 40-45 years old. By this time, a man can achieve all that he so longed for and it is the very moment when he wants to be close to his family.

This is the end of this article. We covered all the main points (and there are not many of them) of what men want. You can only study this topic in the books of Allan and Barbara Pease. After reading them, there will be no questions about what men want!


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