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What are the men from Finland

Although female emancipation is widespread in Finland, they love and respect their men, because they are real protectors, good fathers and friends.


Since there are genetic roots between typical Finns and Russians, their appearance can be called similar.

Northern Caucasians and Finns are almost identical in appearance. Finns are characterized by the following facial features: light skin tone (sometimes it is even noticeable that it is pale), hair - light or light brown, eyes - blue or gray. Their lower jaw is slightly widened, in contrast to the forehead - it is noticeably narrower.

Unlike the average European, their nose is slightly raised and a small concave back is noticeable. The head is round and the face is slightly compacted. Finns have more cheekbones than other Europeans. The hair is not thick, but if it is long, then a slight waviness is noticeable.


Like men of other nationalities, the mentality and character of a Finn can be different, but, nevertheless, its common features can be distinguished.

They can be touchy, especially if they say something negative about their country, family or home.

They love to plan and calculate everything in advance. They are not characterized by improvisation in any kind of activity, this is a great rarity. They can "lose their temper" if their plans are suddenly changed.

Finns can take a long time to make decisions. They are characterized by a well-thought-out situation, they are responsible for making any decisions.

It is important for Finns not only to think carefully about the situation, but also to give a clear answer. They do not like it when the answer is not clear, without explanation or hints.

They are not verbose, but if they promised, they will definitely do it. They do not like to talk not to the point. They are characterized by responsibility and commitment.

Finns believe that the problems of each of them are only their problems and it is also better to solve them on their own.

Finnish men are considered very calm and patient, it is very hard to piss them off, but if this happens (especially if a man is under the influence of alcohol), then it can come to a fight or even a shootout.

They are gambling and take risks. Most Finns like to participate in lotteries, bet on money or argue over them. For this, some even open separate bank accounts. Such a step is a big plus for the budget, since they risk only a part of the money that from time to time accumulates in the account, and not the entire family budget.

They do not complex about their appearance. Even if there are flaws in appearance, they do not hide them. They wear mostly sportswear or whatever is comfortable for them. And today for them the actual style of clothing, which was worn in the 80s. last century.

It is believed that the real Finns are descendants of the Vikings. They are powerful, have long hair and tattoos. It is these qualities that are considered a symbol of a warlike spirit and masculinity. Usually, modern men after 45 years old do not have tattoos and long hair, or if they are not allowed to do so due to their official position.



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