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What a man wants?

Updated: May 21, 2020

I think a lot of ladies worry about what a man wants, its not always what he wants as much as what he doesn't want when finding a woman for a long term relationship.

One good thing not to do is give ultimatums or orders of what you want or don't want, he will probably just see this as a negative.

If the man is interested in you then he will want to know about you, However, if you don't bring anything to the conversation he will probably just end up talking about himself, if you interact with him he will follow, just as much as you want him to. We are a little like puppy dogs and we do like to follow as this makes it easier for us to know what pleases a woman.

This is when you can tell a man what it is you like and dislike, If I'm personally talking to a lady, then I want to know as much about her likes and dislikes as I can get to know, this way I know what movies she likes or whats her favourite chocolate, what's her favourite colour, her favourite food, if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

So lead with these types of questions and he will most likely take over, talking to him about what you like and enjoy will also let you know if he likes similar things, if he's saying things like ooh I don't like that or that's not for me, then you know you may need to think hard on this one.

Generally, the man will always be interested in you if he is looking for a life partner because he will be looking for someone to settle down with, but if he isn't that interested, then that could be a red flag for you. Its all well and good if you aren't really looking that hard for anything serious, as this could turn out better than you thought and you might get on really well without any expectations.

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