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Ways to give perfume to a man in an original way

The most banal, but at the same time useful and pleasant gift for a birthday or other holiday for a man or a guy, can be perfume. First, they will last a long time – it is important to guess with the smell. Secondly, they will remind you of the girl who gave you a gift. Of course, you can still choose a toilet water that will be in an unusual bottle.

But what if the person who wants to do something nice uses the same perfume for many years? Therefore, the unusual shape of the perfume will not surprise him. In this case, unusual packaging will come to the rescue. If you are ready to prepare an original gift, read the article to the end.

How to package and gift

In most cases, the design makes a greater impression on the person who is presented with a present than the gift itself. Since this emphasizes the care of the giver and his desire for any occasion to make a holiday.

It is much easier for women to choose a gift package than for men. This is due to the fact that men are associated with more rigor and restraint than childhood. Therefore, it is important to observe the relevance, but at the same time, taking into account the preferences of the person who will be presented with the perfume, a young guy or a wealthy man.

Original way

Ordinary packaging paper, made in the style of an old newspaper, which will complement the elements of decorations for a themed holiday: a Christmas tree toy, a heart, a snowflake, a star…;

Packaging or gift bag in the form of a shirt with a tie-this will emphasize the strictness and solidity;

Plain packaging paper with a rope bundle, twine or twine and wooden elements;

Matryoshka box-placing the main gift in a smaller box, which should then be placed in other boxes, but larger;

A gift within a gift – for example, a perfume box can be hidden in a wheel or in a men's bag.

Many people like to give gifts rather than receive them. Therefore, special attention is paid to this process. Women have come up with several ways to present a gift to a man. Here are a few of them:

Drawing – more and more often this method is used by young people – for example, in the process of giving a gift to drop a box with a gift (in order for the perfume not to break, you must first wrap it several times with a bubble wrap, thus protecting it from blows);

Unexpected greeting with the involvement of strangers (in the Park-a passer - by, in the theater – an actor, in a restaurant-a waiter) - you must agree in advance with the congratulators about the scenario of their actions – for example, in a cafe, a waiter will bring an order on a covered plate, open it, and there-perfume;

Quest – for younger men – the younger generation is interested in passing tests and quests in search of their gift.

Official case

If a guy is celebrating his anniversary birthday, and the company has guests from work, it is best to present the birthday boy with a perfume in a more banal strict form, limiting the beautiful packaging and put something with perfume.

Also, the boss will be impressed by a gift that is unusually decorated, rather than unusually presented. Therefore, in official cases, it is best to focus on packaging rather than on the method of giving.

Romantic ways

In order to make an unlimited impression on a loved one, you can use balloons. For example, put a perfume in a large box with helium balloons attached to the bottom. The birthday boy, impressed by the size of his gift, will open it, and from there balloons will fly at him. This method is not only beautiful and pleasant, but also budget-friendly.

If money allows a woman to show her feelings of respect and love for a man, then you can give a gift on a balloon, under water – but these are seasonal and expensive ways to present a gift to a loved one.

For someone, a romantic way can be considered a man's bouquet made of different sausages, cheeses, vegetables, nuts, where the "heart" can be a box of perfume.

How to pack a gift in an original way

A lot of important fact – for the male half, it is desirable to design gifts in a minimalist style. Creativity should not run counter to taste. How to pack men's perfume beautifully and not make a mistake?

There are many ways to pack and present a gift, it is important to choose the one that will suit your family and loved one. We will tell you how best to present toilet water as a gift.

Don't forget that personal gift giving can also be original. A girl can dress in any costume: ladies-in-waiting, geisha, housekeeper, teacher, and so on (you will have to find), put perfume on a tray and bring it in nicely and give it to your loved one. At the same time, a man, if you are alone, will receive two gifts from you at once. You can write a greeting on the perfume.

If your lover is an adventurer, hide a gift for him in a safe Deposit box at a Bank or train station. Create several tasks for him, the result of which will allow him to get to the right place and find his present there. Do not overdo it, because unnecessarily difficult tasks and obstacles can get tired of your young man, and he will refuse to pass them. Therefore, you should limit yourself to 1-2 tasks.

If you want to shikanut and use perfume-as an addition, but not the main gift, you can arrange for the guy to participate in street racing or karting and put the perfume in the glove compartment of the car.

No matter how the gift is packaged, and no matter how it is presented, remember that the main thing is your attention. A loved one should appreciate it.


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