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Virgo Horoscope. Apr 22, 2020


Apr 22, 2020- Today's astral configuration creates a great deal of heat, and yet you are not sure if this is really the right time to express how you feel. The person you are involved with knows that you care about them, but doesn't realize just how much. It may be better to take it gently and get to know each other first before you overpower them.


Apr 20, 2020 - Apr 26, 2020- You're facing an exciting time now. With so many extra opportunities to make money and augment your salary, it may be tempting to spend more as well. Your employment sector holds the key. Why not take advantage of a savings program offered through work? In some cases, an employer will match every dollar of yours that you save. Not too shabby.


Apr 22, 2020- You can enjoy today's transit, because it is a time to focus intensively on yourself and your personal needs. In fact, this is a wonderful transit for grooming. Enjoy making yourself as attractive as you possibly can. Get that haircut, get the nails done, have a massage to make your skin lovely and radiant, soak in the tub with real rose petals. Indulge yourself in healthy pleasures and ask no questions: as long as it's healthy, you deserve it!

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