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Virgo Horoscope. Apr 20, 2020


Apr 20, 2020- Sometimes the only way out of a catch-22 situation is to get the help of a third party. Today's movement of the planets encourages you to ask the help and advice of someone who can guide you to a successful resolution of the problem. You may both have a tendency to see the worst at the moment. Hopefully, when you emerge from your meeting you will be more positive.


Apr 13, 2020 - Apr 19, 2020- You have fortunate aspects affecting employment now. You may find that you're offered a new job, raise, or promotion. There may be some instability in your workplace, but if you can be a mature, calming presence, you'll ensure your future viability as a valued employee.


Apr 20, 2020- You are human and you need a hug every once in a while! It's not about sex or seduction, it's just a deep confirmation that you are a good and loveable person. If you can relate to this need, don't hesitate to get a hug from someone who loves you! Your emotions can feel a bit raw - you may experience tears or sad feelings even as you receive this hug. Let the feelings release and don't question your emotions.

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