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VIP-selection of elite gifts for a lover

Million dollar

A million dollars in a briefcase and the whole world in your pocket. You don't need to recalculate – everything is accurate. An unusual expensive birthday gift for a man with an excellent sense of humor. Let the bills are Souvenirs, but the emotions are real! By the way, an expensive presentable case with code protection is also real.

Ikornitsa " Life was a success»

What happens if you combine two grandiose things – an ostrich egg and Faberge's luxury jewelry technique? The correct answer is a Grand Faberge egg. This luxurious vessel filled with caviar symbolizes the Cup of Abundance. An elite gift for an anniversary or wedding – without further ADO.

Globus bar

The birthday of a wealthy friend is a great occasion to throw a party on a planetary scale. Everything will work out if you prepare an exclusive gift for the birthday of a cool man – a globe bar. Raise the sky dome and enjoy the beauty of the Zodiac and the constellation of good alcohol.

Genealogical book

A magnificent folio, worthy of the most precious contents-the history of the family. Who knows, perhaps a passion for family pedigree will prompt the birthday boy to write a treatise on the History of the State. In any case, a solid anniversary gift will be the basis for research, and you will be an honorary co – author.

The Parker Pen

The famous Parker pens are a recognized symbol of respectability. No matter how they see you off, they meet you "by your clothes". Give a wealthy man on his birthday Parker-a compliment to a high status is always in the top ten.

Personalized crystal damask in a case

Expensive alcohol requires a decent supply. An elegant damask made of ringing crystal will decorate the feast. The elegant monogram reminds you who is the head at the table and in the house. An exclusive gift to the hero of the day will become a real family heirloom.

Certificate for impressions

What is your dear birthday boy like? Stylish, sporty, brutal, desperate, romantic? To make a birthday surprise happen, take into account the list of his Hobbies and mood. The coolest gifts for men are unusual bright impressions and, of course, personal attention.

Stone writing set

It used to be that your man was picky and unfairly strict. When his office didn't have such a luxurious writing set. Now the situation will change radically. An elite gift to your loved one will make it easier and kinder.

Set of Cup holders

Gilding, elegant coinage, thematic images-elite Cup holders give solemnity to an ordinary tea party. An exclusive gift for the anniversary wins in the categories: style, practicality, solidity.

Handmade chess

It is difficult to give a rich man on his birthday something that can surprise. We will immediately discard the expensive options "with use", and choose- "for the soul". Handmade chess is symbolic and spiritual. Birthday boy – a compliment and respect, rich interior-a worthy addition.

It is difficult to choose a cool gift now among the variety of choices, and choosing a decent present for a man is a task with even greater unknowns.


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