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Vacation on the Amalfi coast. Mediterranean fairy tale.

The Italian coast between Positano and Amalfi is a fabulously beautiful place. Mountain and sea views are maddening, for a moment it may seem that you are in Paradise. The sea is always clear and almost without waves, because most of the beaches on the Amalfi coast are located in bays. Mountain and sea air combined with dizzying landscapes and cozy villages attract many tourists here. And it is not for nothing that the villas of the world's wealthiest people are located here.

Most hotels on the Amalfi coast are located like birdhouses on steep and steep cliffs, which are more than 700 meters high. Hundreds of "Swallow nests" all along the coast.

Everything would be fine, but there is one feature, most hotels are located high on the rocks and you can only go down to the beach by a steep or very steep staircase. But you can go down,but not everyone can go back up to the hotel, especially in the heat in a humid climate. That's why tourists of the third age sit in such hotels all day near their pools. The Amalfi coast is a theater of fairy-tale landscapes, where the scenery changes depending on the time of day and the position of the sun. But how romantic to sit on the balcony of such a hotel with a sea view with a bottle of wine and enjoy another natural performance called "Sunset".

Beach on the Amalfi coast. Each hotel on the coast has its own beach, which is separated from the neighboring one by buoys. The depth begins 5 meters from the shore. The water in the sea is clean and transparent. Sometimes poisonous jellyfish swim to the shore and then it becomes dangerous to swim, jellyfish burn very painfully. And that's when all the tourists move to the pools at the hotels. On the beaches there are changing rooms, fresh water showers and toilets. The cost of sun beds with an umbrella is 15 euros or more.

Among the rocks in inconspicuous coves, you can find such sparsely populated beaches.

But in such hotels on the rocks probably not everyone can settle and feel at ease. The ribbon in the photo is a staircase from the beach to the hotel.

The tunnel leads to an Elevator that takes you to the hotel. In our hotel "Excelsior Mareclub" 4* the Elevator stopped working at 17.00 and after that there is no way to get to the beach by Elevator, only by stairs.

One of the private beaches on the Amalfi coast. On these beaches, there is always a small cafe where you can eat or drink beer or coffee, but the prices are much higher than in the city.

The Amalfi coast and the beach. In high season, there are a lot of people on the beaches, it is not easy to find a free sunbed with an umbrella, despite their high cost.

You can travel between cities on the coast using SITA buses. Tickets are bought in vending machines at stops and they must be composted on the bus.

Parking places on the coast are very small, cars are parked even on such small spots, which are essentially the roof of a hotel or private house.

Road along the Amalfi coast

Amalfi coast road. There are a lot of roads with reverse traffic.

Amalfi landscapes

Between the beaches of the Amalfi coast and coastal cities constantly ply small boats, which for a couple of euros you can get to the right place. Of course, provided that there is no high wave. You can also take the bus as you like, but the buses do not always run on schedule, they generally live their own lives.

It doesn't make sense to rent a car here, because Parking is too tight and expensive. Therefore, traveling by bus will be more convenient and easier, except that this extreme is not for the faint-hearted: the bus passes along the very edge of the abyss for almost the entire route.

The cities of Amalfi, Sorrento, Maiori, Minori and Positano were once poor fishing villages. Now these are the most popular tourist places that are not always available to budget tourists.

A street in Amalfi. There are many restaurants and shops with Souvenirs.

If you still want to spend your vacation on the fabulous Amalfi coast without steps to the sea, choose a hotel with an Elevator. The Elevator is usually installed directly in the rock in a specially cut shaft and leads from the hotel reception directly to the beach. There are not many such hotels, but they are there, you just need to choose carefully and carefully. Well, or look for a place to relax in the cities of Amalfi or Sorrento, there are no steep cliffs. There are a lot of stairs, but they are not so steep. In some towns there is a funicular or cable car, which makes life much easier for tourists.


There is only one tourist street in Amalfi, where a small crowd of tourists walks. There is also a large Cathedral of St. Andrew with his relics. Amalfi is a party town, there are many cafes and restaurants with discos and loud music. For lovers of quiet and contemplative recreation is not suitable. It is better to come here for walking and spending time. For a relaxing holiday, Ravello is more suitable.


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