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Vacation in Monaco: how to find a millionaire?

How to relax in Monaco and where to find a rich husband?

Why not go on vacation to the Principality of Monaco's millionaires? And although the most enviable groom of this elite corner of the planet – Prince albert-ceased to be them thanks to Charlene Wittstock, there are still many millionaires who can be found by single ladies. It's time to hurry, because the beach season, and with it the time for a traditional holiday in Monaco, ends in September. About what you need to know for a traveler who wants to find a millionaire during a vacation in Monaco, on WomanJournal.ru. Of course, a rich groom can be found during a vacation in the Philippines, where there are also many millionaires, during an exotic vacation in Morocco or even an ecological vacation in Vietnam, but it is Monaco that everyone associates with luxury – here are the best casinos and fantastic resorts. Even in an ordinary traffic jam, there are not ordinary cars, but business cards of all millionaires-limos, rolls-Royces and Cadillacs, which are used by fans of gambling and Formula 1. Monaco is a Paradise for millionaires, which can be visited by an ordinary traveler from Russia.

Gambling holidays in Monaco: in search of a millionaire

The gambling heart of Monaco is Monte Carlo. Gamblers come here like butterflies to the light. This is where the leading gambling house in Europe – the Monte Carlo Casino is located. But if gambling is not your thing, welcome to the national doll Park and Japanese garden. Those who have reached the age of 21 are allowed to try their luck at roulette in Monaco. But these are not all restrictions. The casino doors will open hospitably if guests meet the dress code. For men, it is a jacket and tie, for ladies-evening attire. Fans of various gambling games choose a casino that is close to their spirit for vacationers in Monaco. For example, in Le sans Casino, you can most often meet roulette and black Jack fans. And in the Cafe du Paris, the main thing is not participation in the game, but the title. Famous Dukes, princes and other representatives of the blue blood come here We will get acquainted? I'm already 18! The new Dating site already attracts 1200+ new girls a day. Write them here! nataliedate.com Despite the long history of casinos in Monaco, they still believe that newcomers are lucky. The public is always complacent about the lucky ones who break a big jackpot with their eyes burning with excitement.

High-speed vacation in Monaco: looking for a millionaire in Formula 1»

This year's Formula 1 races are already a thing of the past. And the next ones are expected in may. At this time, thousands of fans of high-speed car driving come to Monaco for a vacation. Tickets for the race are very expensive-from several thousand euros. But even such a round sum does not deter those who want to watch the action. Some particularly prudent fans of Formula 1 rent a room or even an apartment in advance along the route of the race, as the races are arranged, including on the territory of the city. But for the sake of objectivity, let's say that only a fan can withstand the entire race for leadership on cars. After all, the noise from powerful cars is deafening, and the may heat is already exhausting. Vacation in Monaco is a fairy tale for many. But if you are lucky enough to be in this Principality, you need to use the vacation 100%. Let's just say that it is unlikely to save money on vacation, but the return will be appropriate! And when all the planned entertainment comes to an end and there are only a few hours left before the flight, it will not be superfluous to refuse a farewell vacation at the sea and arrange a last race to the shops. After all, leaving Monaco without branded sweets will be an unforgivable mistake. I advise you to pay attention to the candied fruit and chocolate. Well, if you can take a millionaire with you to your homeland, then the rest, you can say, was a success!

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