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Turkish men: Dating or how not to get into a mess?

It is impossible to write about Antalya and never mention the topic of Turks and Russian-Turkish relations and marriages. Indeed, a lot of our girls dream of marrying Turks, marry Turks, get burned or create happy families, get divorced or live happily ever after. I can say one thing-Turkish men are all different, as well as all the others - Russian, Ukrainian, and so on. Therefore, there is no universal characteristic of them or method of their deception. But some of the features of Dating them can still be distinguished.

1. Introduction. Where to meet a Turk? Most girls and women acquainted with the Turks on the Internet. And there is nothing wrong with this, except that 99% of Turks sitting in social networks are slag, looking for entertainment and free women's "meat". Sorry for being rude, but it's true. Therefore, when meeting online, I suggest paying attention to the following points. Normal decent Turks will most likely have a profile only on fasebook, no Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte - these social networks are perceived by them as a search for sex Dating. If you look at your Facebook profile, you should have a lot of Turkish friends, Turkish couples, relatives, siblings, a lot of interests (movies, football, music). Many posts and comments, from him and from friends. A lot of photos with friends and relatives, with marked establishments and other places. All this indicates that he is communicating with you from his real profile. The opposite situation should alert you - if your friends are only foreign women, on the wall - stupid pictures with howling wolves and quotes from women's public-this is a clear reason to put a cross on a person and block it. In addition to online Dating, resort Dating is popular in Antalya. Here it is worth remembering how many tourists come to the hotel and are on the beach, and do not believe too much in the stories that for seven days he lost his head from you. Plus, be careful - many Turks categorically do not like to protect themselves. Ideally, if you meet them at work as colleagues or, for example, while studying at the University.

2. The development of relations. Under the development of the relationship, I mean real meetings, not conversation. Here the main danger, in my opinion , is to go too far in a relationship with a married Turk or with Alphonse. You can check your marriage status by looking at whether he introduces you to friends and family and how they receive you, whether you spend time together on holidays, and whether you go to visit his family together. If you communicate via Skype , does it happen at any time? Have you been to work for him? Unfortunately, checking the documents on this account will not give you anything. The new videos do not specify the marital status, and the old ones may not change for years, so it is written there Bekar (single) or Evli (married) - absolutely not an indicator. If you suspect that your chosen one is an Alphonse, you can offer to pay for your tickets and hotel so that you come to meet your parents. In any case, do not send him money, no matter what stories, diseases and difficulties in business. Or even better-offer him to buy a ticket and come to visit you. And the main thing is that if you think something, you don't think it. If he begins to allow himself rudeness, jealousy, blackmail, extortion, moral pressure at the stage of development of the relationship, if he is very secretive and you do not know almost anything about his real life - it will only get worse. There are many Turks,but you are alone. This is a reason to forget it, like a bad dream. A good way to check is "black lists of Turkish men" and corresponding groups on Facebook.

3. Wedding? Wedding! Believe me, if a Turk has fallen in love with you and wants to spend his life with you - he will run to the registry office at a gallop, you can't drive him away with a shovel. Therefore, if a Turkish guy delays getting engaged and getting married for more than six months, then something is 99% wrong. Either he has a Turkish bride or wife, or his family will never accept a foreigner, or he is with you until a better option turns up (prettier, richer). Either you are not the only one and he is satisfied with everything. In each of these cases, I see only one option-separation. Immediately you need to mention the nickname. Is RESMI nikah is the official civil ceremony, and there is Imam nikah - something like our wedding. So Imam nikyah should be made only after RESMI nikyah - and not before and not instead of it, it has no legal force and many Turkish men make it with every counter-cross, agreeing with the Mullah, so as "not to sin". All rights of wife will give you only RESMI nikah. As for specifically Antalya men and Dating them I can notice another thing: They are spoiled by the attention of foreign women, especially those working in tourism. They (most) know Russian. They are especially active on the Internet and on Dating sites during the off-season - that is, from October to April, since there are no tourists and no work, they sit at home and are bored, so they are looking for entertainment online. They don't take this Dating seriously, in most cases. Whatever they tell you or promise, treat it with a healthy amount of skepticism. The new season will start too quickly and new girls will arrive... As for life after marriage, each family is happy and unhappy in its own way.

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