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TravelGuide: how to travel around Crete correctly

Hello! In this post, we will talk about the largest island of Greece - Crete.

It is very important to define the goals of your trip before you go. Conditionally, Crete can be divided into "beach" and "excursion". Those who want to spread out on the sand, pull a cocktail, and smear sunscreen, will have a great time. It remains to choose the right hotel and, more importantly, the right beach.

The beaches of Crete are an ambiguous phenomenon. Due to the volcanic nature of the island, the coastline (270 km) is basically represented by a not very convenient entrance to the sea. Stone slabs are very common, hence there is a problem even in many hotels. The government does not allow any way to demolish, destroy or break the stone underwater barriers. There are very few real sandy beaches. Mostly, it is pebbles and sand. And if the Germans, the British and the French do not care about the sea (they are all like seals lying on the sun loungers by the pool), and the beach is even more so, there is no business, then the Russian serve only sand: white, fine and non-hot.

The first landmark is a series of hotels stretching along the sea coast. If there are a lot of hotels, then the beaches in this place are good. However, not always. You will only have to make sure of the quality of the beach by your own monitoring. You can also find a good beach at numerous taverns - this is the name of cafes and restaurants in Greece. If there are a lot of taverns located on the beach – there is a chance to play soldiers on the sandy beach. These beaches are usually municipal.

Sun beds, towels and umbrellas – almost all of these beaches – are paid. Many taverns, in the framework of fierce competition, put their infobords on the beach, which say something like the following: "Order lunch from us, get umbrellas and sun beds for free." You can use these things. Saving 5-7 euros for each day will not hurt. Guaranteed sandy beaches 11 km long and 300 meters wide can be found in the village of Kavros (Rethymno region). According to the guide, these are the best beaches on the Aegean coast.

Those who prefer the beaches, seas and sunburns excursion and natural recreation option, first of all should start with renting a car. Rent a car, and Crete, like a beauty from the red light street, will open its beautiful interior to you.

Probably the best knowledge of the island can not be found. Needless to say, you can easily get to any corner of Crete, the most popular or wild, with GPS navigation or an ordinary map. True, you need to be prepared for narrow roads, where it is quite difficult to travel with buses, but maximum concentration and minimum excitement...well, you know everything yourself. Just in case, rules and notes for the roads of Crete.

If you do not have the rights, desire or capabilities, you can rent ATVs or scooters, the number of which is hardly less than a car. I repeat that it is much more convenient to explore the Cretan land on a rented transport. If this option is too much for you, you can ride a walking RAM – they know the area as well as a licensed guide.

Food Cretans, and all the Greeks, pay special attention. Very convenient location of the island plus a favorable climate contribute to a rich harvest, which Cretans in good years collect twice. Cretans would rather throw themselves into a well than regale themselves with stale food. Naturally, great attention is paid to olive trees, which are revered by the Greeks as well as birch trees for Russian poets. The same goes for citrus fruits. Seafood is plentiful: mussels, squid, cuttlefish. The portions in the taverns are huge, the prices are low. It is better to take a portion for two. Greek hospitality is also evident in the taverns: after ordering a dish (which the unhurried Greeks can carry for about 40 minutes), you will be offered to drink local vodka – raki (emphasis on the last syllable). And after the meal, you can offer dessert. Both are free of charge. It is worth trying: Greek salad, Moussaka, Pita, Tzatziki, lamb.

But with fish it is different – it is incredibly expensive. A kilogram of fish can cost 50 euros. Most likely, this is due to the fact that the fish here is prepared according to special recipes and only freshly caught, but in many taverns, frozen fish prevails.

One of the main features of Cretans is hospitality. However, sometimes in the eyes of many people, it is refracted at the expense of another distinctive feature of the population – slowness, or even – carelessness. This slowness manifests itself in everything from waiting for an order in a tavern to more serious services in business. The Cretans themselves explain it like this: "there is no Hurry – appreciate every moment." You just need to take note of this feature and not pay attention to it. Otherwise, the Greeks are pleasant, smiling, friendly and good-natured. The average life expectancy is 80 years. Everyone smokes, always and everywhere, and Greece is the leader in tobacco use per capita in the world. Cretans work early in the morning, before sunrise. Then they go to bed. Somewhere from two to 6-Siesta time, people stay at home, escaping from the heat, so it is difficult to meet people, especially the elderly.

Don't be surprised by the endless cats and dogs under your table in the tavern, yawning in the middle of the street or just lying under the shops. Cretans don't keep anyone at home, and sometimes they feed cats from the other side of the city. From you, these guys need very little – one tenth of your meal, a couple of affectionate, in a word-pay attention to them.


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