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A few years ago, when I first visited Vienna, I was most surprised by the restrained beauty of this city. The amazing cleanliness of the streets here is perfectly combined with Grand architectural ensembles that harmoniously complement the urban landscapes. To be more precise, the landscapes of Vienna themselves are entirely the creation of human hands, which have embodied in reality the ideas of brilliant engineers and designers who came up with the urban terrain. It is interesting that all the key buildings of the capital of Austria are executed so competently and realistically,

that do not catch the eye, but are simply an important element of urban landscapes, at the same time unobtrusively attracting attention with their refinement and elegance of forms.

Vienna has long been considered not only one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but also the most important cultural heritage of Europe. Such a variety of museums, libraries, exhibitions and galleries, perhaps, is not present in any city on the continent, with the exception of Paris or London. On the first day of my trip, I visited two cultural attractions at once: the Salvador Dali exhibition and the Vienna city Museum. In the former

my eyes were opened to the incomparable works of a brilliant painter, and in the second, I learned a lot about the architecture, history and original culture of the Austrian people, who impressed me with their hard work, perseverance and amazing organization.

The most popular place to stay in Vienna is the picturesque Stadtpark. An impressive number of people who speak different languages gather here every day. In some ways, it can be compared to a summer garden in St. Petersburg. There are also a lot of sculptures, flower clubs are planted around, and chic, broad-leaved trees grow around the perimeter. The gilded statue of Strauss, who bows his head and plays one of his immortal melodies on the violin, is very popular with couples who regularly arrange dance numbers here, sometimes doing it to the music. In General, along the numerous Park alleys, there are busts of various legendary figures, such as Schubert, Bruckner, Stolz. In the Stadtpark, you can have a great time, especially in autumn or summer, when the trees are filled with colors, and the air is extremely fresh and pleasant.

If you are in Vienna and you need to use public transport, you should definitely take the tram at least a couple of stops. This is the oldest form of transport in the city, and also the most convenient and functional. In Vienna, there is even a special Museum of trams, where you can learn their history and some of the secrets of popularity. As in most European cities, you can buy a single ticket for all modes of transport in Vienna, including the metro. When you purchase a ticket, the time during which it will be valid will be displayed on the ticket. In the metro, bus, or tram, the ticket must be composted, and if the time is not yet up, it remains valid. I do not recommend trying to drive for free, because a fine for a stowaway will cost you around 60 euros.

Vienna is not only one of the most beautiful, but also the most expensive cities in the world. The cost of a meal in an elite restaurant will cost you somewhere in the 100-150 euros per person. Therefore, it is better to choose more "attractive" establishments, in the form of local cafes and other "cheburechnye", where you can eat quite passably for just 10-15 euros. McDonalds are also present in Vienna. And in a fair amount.

Excursions in the Austrian capital are also enough for everyone. As in many elite cities in Europe, they are different, for every taste and color. The most common bus trips are "Castles of the Danube", "Viennese forest", "Metropolitan cafes"and" Schonbrunn Palace". There are also a number of exciting excursions, including to the Austrian provinces and other cities. Since Austria is a small country, you can get to almost any provincial town by a comfortable bus in just a couple of hours. You can book a tour directly from your hotel room or make an appointment with the tour operator at the tour Desk. The Austrians, the guys are punctual and do everything on time and efficiently. At least I didn't have a problem with it.

Oddly enough, prices for hotels in Vienna are not so high. I stayed at the hotel Geblergasse. near the metro station Alser Stabe. A double room cost me only 50 euros per night. The hotel is very cozy, with a small number of rooms. In principle, you can find it cheaper, but you need to try hard to do this.

In General, Vienna made a strong impression on me, I didn't even want to leave. However, prices there still strongly burn, because of which I had to overcome myself. However, one thing I know for sure, I will return here as soon as possible.


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