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Travel to Tokyo, Japan

What to see in Tokyo

Japanese geisha in a bamboo grove

Tokyo is the city of the future. Here the threads of the past and new technologies are intertwined. This is a city that never sleeps. Life pulsates in Tokyo with bright highlights and is not going to stop. It will never be boring here.

Tokyo-the city of the future

This is one of the best places to get acquainted with the latest technical innovations, see modern robots, and meet artificial intelligence. But Tokyo is also a city that cherishes traditions and passes them on to the next generation.

Japanese rolls

Japanese gastronomy is one of the most delicious in the world. It will be appreciated by gourmets. Tokyo is especially famous for seafood. Where but here to try sushi?

Best places in Tokyo

Since the 17th century, Tokyo has become the political, cultural, and economic center of the country. Therefore, all the most important sights of Japan have been preserved on the territory of the city. The greatest preservation of cultural monuments that are associated with the life of the Imperial family and the main families of the country.

Imperial Palace in Tokyo

This is one of the main attractions of the city and country. The Imperial Palace covers an area of more than 2,000,000 square meters. Vehicles are forbidden to fly over the territory of the Palace complex, so that the peace of the Imperial family is not disturbed. The garden around the Imperial Palace is beautiful at any time of the year. Especially, newlyweds like to visit it for a wedding photo shoot in the spring during the flowering of plums and cherry trees.


Tokyo Disneyland

Disneyland in Tokyo covers an area of about 115 acres. This is one of the main entertainment venues in the country. The opening took place in 1983, since then, the amusement Park attracts both adults and children. The entire complex is divided into thematic zones: Westernland( Wild West), Fantasyland (fantasy World), World Bazaar (World Bazaar). In each zone, in addition to the main attractions, there is also all the necessary infrastructure. There is a huge selection of cafes, restaurants, hotels, and shops. The theme areas are connected by a railway, which makes it easy to get to different parts of Disneyland.

Tokyo sky tree

Sky tree in Tokyo

The Tokyo sky tree claims to be the tallest building in Japan. The spire of the TV tower rises 634 meters. Only two colors are used for building lighting, which change each other every other day: blue and pink. Tourists are attracted to the tower mainly due to the presence of an observation platform. In addition, there is a beautiful restaurant and shopping center.

Edo Museum-Tokyo

Edo Museum-Tokyo

This is a historical Museum that will take you back in time and show you how Tokyo has developed over the centuries. The Museum displays full-scale copies of old feudal houses, a theater, and city walls. Among the Museum's exhibits are many ancient manuscripts, maps, and documents.

Ryogoku Kokugikan (national sumo hall)

Ryogoku Kokugikan (national sumo hall)

The national martial arts Hall is the best place to get acquainted with the original culture of Japan. In Kokugikan, competitions are held not only in sumo, but also in Boxing, wrestling, and the room is also used as a concert venue. But a tourist should come here, of course, for the sake of sumo. To learn all the secrets of ancient martial arts, first look at the Museum, and then you can take seats in the hall. Sumo is a century-old tradition in every movement and entourage: a special form of hairstyle for sumo wrestlers, a special outfit for judges, rituals before a fight. The sight is fascinating!

The Imperial garden of Shinjuku

Shinjuku Imperial garden

Many people think that Tokyo is a large metropolis, consisting entirely of glass and concrete. But this is not quite true! The city still has green oases and the Shinjuku Imperial garden is one of them. The Imperial garden is divided into three thematic zones: the Japanese garden, the English garden, and the French garden. Especially beautiful is the Japanese garden in early spring,when the cherry blossom begins. These days, the garden is especially full of tourists and vacationers.



Kabuki is a traditional Japanese theater. If you want to see a classic performance, then you should go to Kabukidze. Here you will find a great show, where amazing artists work, and it is a pleasure to follow the theatrical turns of the plot. Please note that the duration of a theatrical performance is twice as long as that of European productions and can take up to 4-5 hours.

National Museum in Tokyo

National Museum in Tokyo

One of the most famous museums in Japan is located in Ueno Park. It is worth going here to learn more about the history of the city and Japan. Under the arches of the National Museum are collected works of Japanese art: ceramics, sculpture, weapons, prints. One of the halls displays a collection of kimonos that are hand-embroidered with gold threads. Try to set aside a few hours to visit the Museum, it's worth it.

Miraikan (Museum of the future)

Miraikan (Museum of the future)

To understand why the capital of Japan is called the city of the future, just come to the Vatican – the national Museum of advanced science and technology. The Museum contains all the latest achievements of Japanese scientific thought in the field of genetics, robotics, chemistry, and medicine. The ASIMO robot, which is able to perform complex tasks, for example, it can hit a ball or hold a conversation with a person, is a constant success among visitors. The Museum is interactive, all the exhibits can and should be touched, tried, pressed, and studied in every possible way. Here you can also feel like a pioneer and dive to the bottom of the sea in a submarine. Or conquer the silent space of space. A number of exhibits will allow you to "survive" an earthquake and even a storm.

Tokyo Metropolitan government building

Tokyo Metropolitan government building

For several years, the building held the status of the tallest in Japan. On the 45th floor, an observation deck is open to visitors. From a height of 200 meters, you can enjoy a picturesque panorama of the entire city, and in clear weather, you can also see the sacred mount fujiama for the Japanese. Surprisingly, you can visit this site absolutely for free. There is a green Park around the government building that children will especially like.


The City Of Yokohama

If you are in Tokyo for a few days and are thinking about exploring the surrounding area, then the best choice is to visit Yokohama. This is not a city, but a suburb of the capital of Japan. Yokohama is only 3 0 km away The Port of the Future is being built on the recaptured territory near the sea. The Silk center offers to buy the highest quality goods, and the silk Museum will tell and show the production process of openwork fabrics that go to the production of kimonos. An impressive Ferris wheel will show you the city from a height of several hundred meters. At the end you can stroll through the authentic districts of Yokohama, for example, China town.

​Tokyo is the capital of Japan, one of the most densely populated and safest megacities in the world. Here you can safely walk at night in any area.


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