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Travel to the country of maple leaves. Toronto

Want to fly to Canada? LifeGid has prepared a trip to Toronto — the largest city in the country of the Maple leaf!

The largest city in Canada interested us not only in its size, but also in the fact that it is a sister city of Kiev, and in addition, almost 150 thousand Ukrainians live here and there is a monument to Lesya Ukrainka in the Central high Park. So, let's go wander around Toronto with the help of our guide!

This city is called Swiss new York. Here everything is more measured and safer than in the us capital, but the skyscrapers and the standard of living are at a height. The number of residents of Toronto is comparable to Kiev. In terms of development and well-being, it occupies a leading position in the world. Toronto's dawn is linked to separatist sentiment in Montreal. In the 1970s, in a well-fed and prosperous province of Quebec on this basis, there was a destabilization and a lot of English-speaking businessmen moved to the shores of Ontario, creating an economic boom in the city, which has not stopped until now. So the trip to Toronto is worth it!

We will start with the former Indian trail, and now-the famous Yonge Street (Yonge Street). Its length is 1800 km, that is, approximately from Kiev to Munich. Because it is securely registered in the Guinness Book of records. The pan-American highway, which is 4800 km long, is trying to challenge the world's laurels. But this is still a highway, not a street, so there is nothing to encroach on someone else's! LEARN. Sir George Yong, after whom the longest street on the planet is named, is a British military Secretary and expert on Roman roads. From the interesting — he was a knight Of the order of the Bath. It is one of the most prestigious orders of chivalry in the UK. Well, you know that the head of Canada is the Queen of England? Applicants to the knights of this order were bathed in a bath before initiation, and then their endurance was tested. I had to stay up all night and pray. This is a really serious test. The body Oh so wants to fall asleep after a relaxing warm wash. So Yong was a strong subject of the British crown.

LifeGid chose the very beginning of Yonge Street, on the beautiful waterfront of lake Ontario, to start the walk. We will drink our morning coffee here and breathe in the freshness of the city. Beautiful view opens from the pub "Watermark Toronto" (207 Queens Quay West), which runs from 11 o'clock in the morning. Despite the fact that this is a pub, coffee is also brewed here, expertly. And if you get an appetite — you'll get a decent Breakfast here. Well, we got a boost of energy, breathed in the breeze-we go deep into the city. From here, the main street of Toronto divides the city like a spine, going to the border with the state of Minnesota. We liked the wide sidewalks that lead us to the main attractions of this street — the Hockey Hall of Fame. Canadians have something to be proud of. The hockey Museum displays hand-made skates, the very first sticks, relics and trophies of the NHL, including the Stanley Cup. Address: 30, Yonge Street. Then we get to Yonge-Dundas Square (something like times square in new York). If you don't go anywhere, the walk will only take half an hour. But we've been wandering around for hours. If you dream of good shopping, then remember another address on this street — Toronto Eaton Centre (giant shopping Mall, 220 Yonge Street).

Now turn on 60 Queen Street to the old Toronto city hall, where the city Council met from 1899 to 1966, that is 67 years. This beautiful building is easily found by the clock tower. The town hall was built by Edward James Lennox — today we will see another of his creations, which has become one of the main attractions of Toronto. He built the town hall by demolishing old buildings, including his own hotels. Due to heavy cost overruns on construction, local councillors refused to install a plaque on city hall in honor of Lennox. Then he embedded his name under the eaves of the upper floor around the entire building. Handsome! The Ontario court of justice now sits in the old town hall.

Nearby (100 Queen Street) built a new Toronto city hall. This is the style of the 60s. A massive glass-and-concrete thing called the "government Eye" - that's what it looks like from above. Chinatown was once bulldozed for him. This building was featured in Star Trek, Star trek. And Devon's pokemon headquarters is very similar to the New Toronto city hall.

Well, now you should go down to PATH-an underground city under the center of Toronto, it is heated in winter, creating comfortable conditions for the promenade, shopping, snacking and recreation. The entrance is right next to the Marias. Underground there are shops, restaurants, even small parks and fountains, and the length of the entire string of tunnels exceeds 27 km! From the dungeons, you can get to five metro stations. It's time to continue your journey to Toronto on a higher level. We are interested in the 100-year-old neo-Gothic Casa Loma mansion (address: 1 Austin Terrace). This is an eclectic imitation of a medieval castle. We go here by public transport. Take the nearest Osgoode metro stop on Line 1 Yonge-University. We go 6 stops to Dupont station. There we move in a straight line for two blocks and find an old landmark. The" House on the hill " is accessed By the Baldwin steps, which has 110 steps. It is quite easy to climb it, as there are many flat areas for recreation and selfies. The ladder is named after the family that first owned these lands.

Having conquered this "Baldwin Everest", we get a prize-a fabulous house! It was ordered for himself by sir Henry mill Pellat, a millionaire and a canadian soldier — what an unusual combination, isn't it? He made a fortune investing in hydroelectric power and Railways, realizing that these industries would develop in the vast Northern country. His castle immediately became the largest private house in Canada, as it had 98 rooms! The rich man was about 60 years old when he completed the construction of his dream home and invested $ 3.5 million of his earned $ 17 million in the stone beauty. The architect who created this miracle, we already remembered today when we admired the building of the Old city hall of Toronto.

Sir Pellat did not enjoy castle life for long — less than 10 years. Property taxes became more and more biting — they soared from $ 600 a year to $ 1000 a month! The state of the country's economy after the first world war was also not so good, so Henry's capital was melting before his eyes. He tried in every possible way to steer out of the crisis. But in 1923, I had to sell my favorite castle under the hammer and go to live on a farm. This building is now the Toronto city Museum. So you can feel like the owner, wandering through its rooms. True, it is expensive - $ 25.00, but the visit is worth it! Since we're here, we'll have a bite to eat! In General, we do not really like to eat in Museum cafes, but here we decided to take a break before the next point of the route. We bought a French cheese soup for 9 euros and a farmer's omelet of three eggs with cheese, sausage, herbs and tomatoes for 8 euros, polirnuvshis local beer for 6 euros. Now we will go back to the subway the same way, but we will take the first line not 6, but 8 stops - to Union station. From there, through an underground tunnel in 10 minutes, we reach the final chord of our journey to Toronto.


Let's climb from the dungeons to the very top of Toronto! In the evening, we must admire the lights of the city from CN tower (CN Tower, Canada's National) — the tallest building on Earth for more than 30 years (from 1975 to 2007)! It still remains the tallest free-standing structure in the Western hemisphere. The height of this beauty is more than 550 meters. It is almost twice the height of the Eiffel tower. CN tower will not only please you with views from the viewing platform, but also feed you. A snack, despite the beer and snacks in Casa Loma, already want. To prepare for a visit here, you need to go to the Cntower website in advance and buy tickets for $ 33. They must be purchased at least 24 hours before arrival. You can also reserve a table there, indicating how many people will be there and at what time. The elevators in the tower move at a speed of 22 km / h and reach the observation platform and the restaurant in 58 and 61 seconds, respectively. The 416-seat restaurant is located at a 351-meter height — what meticulous accuracy! Before the meal, all rich adventurers can decide on a heartbreaking experiment — the "Edge Walk"attraction. This is a walk around the observation deck at an altitude of 356 meters on an open and unfenced (Yes, Yes!) the cornice is about 1.5 meters wide. Of course, with insurance, but still… This test costs 195 canadian dollars, or about 150 US dollars.

If you don't need the adrenaline that much, just take a ride in one of the elevators. The one with the glass floor since 2008. This is a world record — the highest glass Elevator floor in the world (346 m). We, in principle, had enough and just a good dinner with a view of the whole of Toronto and even the surrounding area. The average check for two for dinner with wine starts at $ 150. For this money, you will be literally circled — the restaurant is spinning!


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