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Travel to Sydney

Sydney is a Sunny Australian city located at the most beautiful Harbor in the world.

The sights of Sydney are amazing: Blue mountains with a haze hovering over them; ancient monuments; numerous museums; aristocratic old districts; beautiful gardens; romantic squares; stunning beaches; unique bas-relief reefs; tropical forests with primeval nature; red cliffs of Ayers Rock. This is the place where you can relax and have fun!

A little about Sydney…

Sydney is the oldest and largest city in Australia, located on the ocean at the most beautiful Harbor in the world, where a friendly and relaxed atmosphere reigns. It represents a bright, imbued with the contrasts of the Australian culture. Today it is one of the most flourishing megacities in the world. The sights of Sydney are very diverse: architectural and cultural monuments, churches and cathedrals, parks and gardens, museums and galleries, nature reserves and reserves.

Sydney is a city of contrasts: huge skyscrapers and ancient buildings, Asian neighborhoods and souvenir shops, ultra-modern buildings of Olympic facilities and huge territories of green squares and parks, the unique harbour bridge and the majestic Sydney harbour Bay.

In addition to its rich history, Sydney is famous as a resort city where you can lie on the Golden sand, bask in the sun and swim in the warm sea. The most famous beaches in Sydney include manly with high waves, Bondi with kilometers of Golden sand, and glamorous Tamarama beach, where you can meet various celebrities.

Sydney's best attractions

The Opera house is the most famous building in the city, its business card. It took about 14 years to build. The theater was built by the Danish architect Jorn Utzon on Bennelong point. This stunning building has a very bizarre shape, like a Swan, or a sailboat rushing through the waters of the Bay, or a giant shell. The Opera complex consists of a variety of halls: a chamber music hall; a drama theater; a concert hall where a huge organ is located; an exhibition hall; the Opera house itself; a library; bars and restaurants.

The harbour bridge is the largest bridge in Sydney and one of the largest arch bridges in the world: its length is 1150 meters. It connects two areas of Sydney-Wilson point and Davis point, separated by a Bay. Locals have nicknamed the bridge the "old coat hanger" due to the fact that he looks like a giant coat hanger. The harbour bridge offers the most beautiful views of the harbour.

Taronga zoo — one of the most beautiful places in the city, the largest zoo in Australia. It is home to animals of more than 3000 species, many of which are classified as rare and endangered. On the territory of Taronga in 21 hectares there are both Australian animals and those brought from other continents: Asian tigers, African elephants, giraffes and lions, Tibetan red pandas, reptiles, amphibians. Also, the Sydney zoo organizes bright colorful shows with animals and birds: a performance with sea lions, seals, Australian parrots and much more.

The Blue mountains national Park is an attraction created by nature itself. The Park got its name from the fact that the mountains are constantly shrouded in haze, formed as a result of strong evaporation of essential oils of eucalyptus trees. And thanks to the sun's rays, the haze turns blue. In the Park you can observe a lot of different animals, there is also an observation deck, which offers spectacular views of the Three sisters rocks and the ancient mighty forest.

The rocks district is a block located in the heart of the city between the harbour bridge and the Sydney Opera house. This is the place where the history of Australia began. The name of the district comes from the English word "rocks", which means "rock"in Russian. Currently, the quarter is filled with many restaurants and cafes, fashionable expensive boutiques, museums, art exhibitions, hotels. One of the most important attractions of Rox is the market where you can buy clothes, dishes, Souvenirs and much more.

Sydney aquarium — the largest aquarium located in darling harbour, famous all over the world for the huge variety of its inhabitants. There are more than 700 species of Australian flora and fauna that inhabit freshwater reservoirs and coastal waters of the continent. The aquarium has several thematic sections: "Southern oceans", "Northern rivers", "Great bas-relief reef", "Southern rivers". In underwater tunnels through acrylic glass, you can see swimming sharks, giant stingrays, seahorses, sea urchins, amazing fish of various colors, blue octopuses and other animals. The complex "Big bas-relief reef" presents all the tropical aquatic flora: coral atolls, caves, reefs.

The Royal Botanic garden is an amazing corner of nature. On its vast territory there is a luxurious rose garden, palm grove, rainforest, cactus garden, greenhouse of ferns. The Park is decorated with carved bridges, green lawns, majestic sculptures hidden in the shadows of alleys, decorative reservoirs and small pools. Its main attraction is the wollem pines, the oldest trees on earth. The Royal Botanic garden is considered a favorite place for walking among local residents.


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