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Travel to Munich-the city of beer, museums, attractions

For those who have never been to Munich, you should definitely visit a city where color is combined with comfort. At any time the city is able to surprise even the most experienced traveler. Its main holiday is considered Oktoberfest, which attracts millions of fans of real beer from all over Europe. The Bavarian capital looks no less charming at Christmas, when every house, shop, and cafe has a fairy-tale atmosphere. Being in the center of Europe, Bavarians keep their own culture and know the history.

Looking back: the history of Munich

The city has a rather unusual name for us, but in German it means "monks". It turns out that it was the Benedictine monks who settled here in the VIII century, although the city began to be built in 1175. Then its walls appeared, houses began to grow and the settlement officially received the status of a city.

Munich was particularly flourishing during the reign of the Wittelsbach dynasty. And they did not settle here for a year or a century, but ruled from 1240 to 1918. The period is impressive, so many events are associated with this name, as well as a number of attractions. The nymphemburg Palace is a vivid proof of their activity. Each of the kings and burghers is involved in the construction of a Residence with 130 rooms.

The first world war left its mark on the city, but it was significantly modified by the overthrow of king Ludwig III, after which the Bavarian Soviet Republic was proclaimed. It lasted less than a month, but the further development of Bavaria became completely different.

Munich had to become the capital of Nazism when Hitler planned to take over Europe. As a result of military bombing, 60% of the city was destroyed, and about a quarter of the population was killed.

Yet Munich was reborn. It became the third largest city in Germany, and many consider it the first in terms of beauty and grandeur.

Sights of Munich: the unity of antiquity and modernity

The city, located on the banks of the river ISAR, is full of attractions. Their acquaintance should be devoted 2-3 days, and the tour of Munich usually begins with the Old city.


Marienplatz is considered a special place. The name of the square is given in honor of the virgin Mary, respected by every Bavarian. In the center of the city, a monument was erected to the patroness — the Column of Mary. Nearby are other famous sights of Munich:

•city clock on the tower;

•New and Old town hall;

•St. Peter's Cathedral;

•Church of the Holy spirit;

* Izar gate;

Frauenkirche Cathedral

Next to Marienplatz is the main Cathedral of the city. It is sometimes called the Church of the Holy mother of God. Millions of tourists visit the Shrine every year. Frauenkirche Cathedral is the highest in Munich. Two towers soar to a height of 99 m, so you can see them from anywhere in the city. 10 bells are located in the towers. One of them is the largest in all of Bavaria.

Read in the style of Gothic. The construction was not without mysticism. Tourists will be told the legend of the devil's participation in the construction of the temple. And not only tell, but also show the imprint left by the devil's foot.

Address: Frauenplatz, 1.

The Church Asamkirche

The most beautiful temple in the Old city. Its white-and-gold facade is visible from a distance. Because of the huge amount of expensive jewelry, it seems fragile. Above the entrance is a sculpture of John of Nepomuk, to whom the elegant Church is dedicated. Nearby are portrait medallions, from which the Bishop of Freising, Johann Theodor, and Pope Benedict XIII look out.

No less exquisitely arranged interior space: delicate paintings, many frescoes, gilded columns. The main asset of the Azamkirche Church, built in the Baroque style, is considered to be the altar sculpture of the Holy Trinity. It seems that the sunlight is constantly coming from it. You should definitely worship the relics of John of Nepomuk, which are stored in a glass reliquary.

Address: Sendlingerstrasse 32.


The pride of the city is a unique Pinakothek. This is an art gallery of several rooms filled with the works of the best artists in the world. Visiting exhibitions, you can get acquainted with what was written in the middle Ages and in the modern world. Among the 700 works of famous masters-paintings by Bosch, Rubens, Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Goya, Durer, van Gogh, Spitzweg.

Address: Barer Straße 27, 29, 40.

Travel around the city

It is difficult to list and describe in one review all the sights of Munich that tell its history. You should definitely visit:

•Pricing Palace;

* Maximilianeum;

* Nymphenburg Palace;

* Blutenburg Castle;

•gate Digestor.

Modern Munich

Munich is rapidly developing. It is considered the it capital of Germany. There are a huge number of offices and companies located here. Not many people know that BMW's headquarters are located in the heart of Munich. Tourists are invited to the BMW Museum to learn the history of the car, admire the new models and remember the first ones. Motorcycles and aircraft engines are part of the exhibition.

The 20th Olympic games were held in Munich, so you can remember them by visiting the Olympic Park. Impressive is the huge stadium built in 1972, the arena with a tall tower (291 m), the Olympic village. Shoppers will walk through the shopping center.

Beer Halls In Munich

Not everyone will be able to get to the Oktoberfest, held in Munich since 1810 in September and October. And you can visit the pub any day. Here, beer is not treated like alcohol. This is an idea, food, mood. Munich brewers are able to prepare an unusual drink from hops with the addition of water and malt. No chemistry, so there are no alcoholics among the Bavarians, although many tables in pubs are inherited.

You can visit the most famous pubs:



•Paulaner ' Broykhaus;


•The Augustiner.

There are a huge number of beer gardens in Munich. They are called Biergarten. Each has its own atmosphere, but there is a sense of celebration everywhere. In the fresh air, you can enjoy beer and try traditional Bavarian cuisine

Naturally, in Munich, not only pubs are open, but also a beer Museum. It was created in 1327, but it looks great. Numerous exhibits tell the history of brewing, which already goes back more than 500 years.

Address: Sterneckerstrasse, 2.

Munich is a special city that you fall in love with immediately. It is worth returning to it to explore again and take time to get acquainted with the surrounding area. And these are the most beautiful castles Linderhof, Neuschwanstein, Hohenschwangau, Herrenkimsee, the hunting Lodge SCHACHEN, the village of Oberammergau with its painted houses, the lakes Starnberger see and königsee and many other interesting places.


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