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Travel to Malaga, Spain

After I went on vacation, I had a whole month before I had to visit Switzerland, where my friend at that time had a wedding ceremony scheduled.

I have long wanted to visit Spain, so based on the availability of good bonuses, I had every reason to believe that I deserved a little independent vacation. That is why I went in search of the most suitable city to visit. However, as always, everything worked out spontaneously, so I had to choose not by choice, but by the availability of air tickets.

In Aeroflot, the only available destination city was Malaga, and there were tickets available. I decided not to check anything else and decided to book my legal ticket right away. Two days later, I was waiting for a flight from Moscow to Malaga.

The next small nuance was the search for housing, I did not count on hostels this time, since I was going on vacation after all, so I decided to stay at hotels. Tours to Malaga were quite expensive, so I immediately abandoned this idea and just decided to find a small apartment for rent through Internet services.

Fortunately, on the first day I managed to sublet a room at a fairly affordable price, so I did not worry about anything and basically did not view any information about the sights of the city, I began to wait for the flight to Malaga.

By the way, as for the prices of air tickets, I recommend that you immediately take a ticket from Malaga to Moscow or another city before you fly there, as it will be much cheaper and without prior booking.

The only thing I knew at that time was that this place is famous for its beaches with crystal clear water and beautiful seascapes. I don't know if I would have been disappointed in anything else, but I've only been to the beach a couple of times. I did not like the fact that it was just teeming with tourists, and it was so crowded that at 7 in the morning it was impossible to find a place. So I made it easier.

Since I still do not like to sunbathe, I think this activity is stupid and life-threatening, I just came there with a small backpack to swim or swim with a mask. Then I would wander along the beach, dry off, change my clothes, and go on a sightseeing trip.

Malaga is a large bustling port city that, despite being a center of mass tourism and located on the Costa del Sol, has its own sense and culture.

The city center and the historic Old town are clean, well-maintained and beautiful places, exuding a traditional Spanish atmosphere that will be difficult to find in the rest of Spain.

Founded in Phoenician times, the city of Malaga is still closely associated with its historical "narrow" values. In fact, everything here is quite small, I'm already silent about the streets.

In the center of the pedestrian Old town, you can find old narrow streets and wide beautiful places for walking, decorated with dozens of old buildings with colored shutters and churches located in their depths. Of course, all modern fashion stores are located in the center, but a few typical Spanish cafes and restaurants are located directly here.

There is a lot to do and see in Malaga, by the way, the sixth largest city in Spain, so I decided to create my own list of 5 things that are definitely worth seeing, doing or visiting in this glorious Spanish city!

Walk through the Muslim Palace ruins of Alcazaba and climb to the ruins of the castle of Gibraltar, where you will have a magnificent view of the city and port. Seriously, the castle of Gibraltar is considered a magical place and one of my favorite attractions in Spanish Malaga.

I will, of course, omit the fact that in order to get to the ruins of the castle you will have to walk about thirty minutes uphill (although, since I went there almost every day, after a couple of days I began to invest in twenty minutes). But, believe me, the views of Malaga and the surrounding Mediterranean have no analogues in nature, so do not miss your chance.

Take the time to explore Malaga's unique Renaissance Cathedral and wander around the old city. I personally like to visit all sorts of cathedrals. I believe that these structures are considered the heart of the city, it is in them that all the strength and soul is invested to reflect them on these structures.

Many people mistakenly believe that the views of the city are created at the expense of the real estate available here. I do not dispute that Malaga has a rich selection of beautiful buildings, what is the Old city worth, but cathedrals and churches, above all. By the way, the local city Cathedral is still used and it is called among the citizens as "one-Armed lady", because only one facade tower is completed on its territory.

Explore the house of Picasso in Malaga. A vacation in Malaga will not be complete without visiting the residence of one of the most famous sons of Spain. You can visit the house where he was born, which is now a Museum, and spend a good half of the day trying to find the entrance to the Picasso Museum, while the afternoon enjoying his magnificent creations.

If you are not tired of visiting the local museums, you should definitely try to find time to visit the new Carmen Thyssen Museum in Malaga. It opened only this year, and even deserved my double visit!

It is located in a beautiful, sunlit building in the center of the city, and it is home to a fine collection of Spanish art mainly from the 19th century. It features paintings of stunning landscapes and romantic ocean views, not to mention various details depicting segments of traditional Andalusian life. An incredible sight, which is why fans of art are eager to get to Malaga.

.Everything that goes to Malaga represents a unique culture and beautiful art collections that are worthy of attention, but I know that in fact people just want to relax on the beach, which is so rich in Malaga. Public beaches stretch far to the East and West of the port, so you will certainly find plenty to choose from.

La Malagueta beach is definitely considered the best (safest) option. In summer, the beaches are usually incredibly crowded, especially on weekends. The sea here changes every day. Sometimes the sea is calm and clear. On other days, it glows dark blue. In General, it is quite dirty, which is quite natural due to the close location of the port.

Even during the time I was there, the beaches were closed for several days due to high levels of bacteria. However, nothing stopped me from going to the beach and swimming almost every day. Well, I can't stay away from the water. But let's face it – the world has not come together in Malaga, and within an hour's drive from the city you will find dozens of the most beautiful and clean beaches.


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