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Travel to Lebanon

For more than two thousand years, the crowns of magnificent trees that have become the symbol of a small middle Eastern state have been buzzing over the famous valley of Cedars. The Lebanese cedar proudly adorns the country's flag, and from its wood, according to local residents, Noah once built an ark and saved animals from the flood. During your trip to Lebanon, you will see a lot of archaic ruins and impressive buildings from the time of Ancient Rome, which have no equal in scale anywhere in the world. You will love Beirut, which has preserved, despite all the vicissitudes of the last turbulent decades, the true charm of an Eastern city that does not shy away from European elegance and gloss. You will appreciate the Arabic charm of the many-kilometer-long bazaars of Tripoli, traditionally famous for its sweets, and feel the spirit of millennia that swept over the ancient Byblos as a single moment.

Important point

A citizen who is going to travel to Lebanon as a tourist, without staying in the country for more than 30 days, will not need a visa. Questions from border guards can only arise to young and single women. They should get a visa in advance to ensure that they get into the country. They will not allow entry to those who have a passport with a note about visiting Israel.

Dollars and euros are equally popular for currency exchange in Lebanon. Changing them to Lebanese pounds is most reliable in Bank branches.

Credit cards are accepted everywhere only in the capital and major cities. In the province, you should have cash with you.

Hotels In Lebanon

In Beirut, there are many hotels, including the "five" with world names, authentic middle Eastern hotels, and cheap hostels. In the province, the situation is somewhat different, and a hotel with a minimum set of comfortable options for you personally is better to look for and book in advance.

The cost of living in the capital's 5* hotel starts from $ 70 per day. Hotels that are part of the global chain are more expensive, and a night at the Marriott, Radisson or Holiday Inn will cost $ 100 - $ 150, as elsewhere in the world.

Starless hotels are ready to take a tourist to stay for 30$-40$, guaranteeing simple equipment and amenities, a shared bathroom, air conditioning, and free Parking and wireless Internet.

Transport details

Car rental in Lebanon is very popular with foreign tourists. Roads in the country are in good condition, and signs are duplicated in French. If you are not confident in your abilities and are afraid of unfamiliar driving conditions, hire a taxi. In Lebanon, this is cheaper than renting a car with a driver.

A small country cannot boast of an internal air service or a railway network. And why, because Lebanon can be crossed by car in some 3-4 hours.

Buses connecting popular tourist cities are owned by private companies and offer increased comfort. They are air-conditioned and equipped with toilets. For shorter distances, you can use municipal buses – not very convenient, but very cheap. On the streets of cities, passengers are transported by local "minibuses".

The Nightingale is not fed with fables

Lebanese cuisine is one of the most vibrant and interesting in the region, although it can also be attributed to the middle East in General. Its formation was greatly influenced not only by Arab and Turkish culinary traditions, but also by European colonial culture. There are many restaurants in the country that even the French speak of with respect, but the prices in such places are almost close to Parisian.

The cheapest places to eat are street vendors offering Shawarma and barbecue, vegetables baked on coals, cheese pies, and traditional middle Eastern hummus and falafel. A quick lunch in such a street cafe will cost $ 6 - $ 7.

In a cafe with tables and waiters, you will pay twice as much for the same, but you will enjoy the gallant service and clean tablecloths. After the meal, order a hookah. In the East, they know a lot about this, and all the fun will cost no more than$6.

French-style restaurants have real Parisian delicacies and wines on their menus with many zeros in Lebanese pounds on the price tag. Having dinner together in such an institution and ordering salads, wine and hot food, you will see in the receipt at least $ 40 - $ 50.

In Lebanon, there are also popular food chains around the world, including McDonald's and Burger king. Lunch in such a "restaurant" will cost you $ 6 - $ 7, but the Lebanese cedars surrounding the establishment will make a very disapproving noise.

Useful details

Most of the urban population of Lebanon speaks three languages,so there are no problems with communication among English - and French-speaking tourists.

When traveling to the North-Eastern part of the country, check the weather forecast. There are frequent dust storms.

The cost of a tour guide for sightseeing is approximately $ 20. If you understand English or French, use their services. Get an extraordinary pleasure.

When driving a rental car, keep in mind that Parking near the most famous attractions in Lebanon is usually paid. The price of the question is about $ 1.5.

Use only bottled water. The cost of a standard "poltorashki" – 1.5$-1.8$.

Perfect trip to Lebanon

The subtropical Mediterranean climate provides the Western part of the country with cedar on the flag hot weather in summer and warm and humid in winter. On the coast in July-August it is up to +35°C, and in January-no more than +15°C. In the rest of Lebanon, it is slightly cooler in summer – up to + 26°C, and in winter the mercury columns often fall to +10°C and even lower. In the mountains in January and February there is snow and the "high" season comes at the local ski resorts.

Beach holidays on the Mediterranean coast are especially comfortable in June and September. The middle and end of summer in Lebanon is hot in every sense. First, in combination with the humidity of the temperature over +30°C is not carried too comfortably, and secondly, at this time of year, the beach resorts of Lebanon become overpopulated due to the influx of local youth on vacation.

The tour program, which usually includes a visit to the Bekaa with the legendary Baalbek and the sacred valley of Kadisha, is best planned for autumn or mid-spring. In the off-season, the air temperature does not exceed +22°C and sightseeing will not prevent too hot sun. Migrating birds to the Palm Islands reserve also arrive in the fall and spring, and hundreds of naturalists come to Lebanon to observe them during these seasons.


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