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Travel to Hamburg

What to see in two days in Hamburg?

The German city of Hamburg, despite its sufficient population, can still be freely called a stately city with quiet streets. Local residents slowly move around them either in small cars (in particular, the miniature Smart is held in high esteem here), or on bicycles. Moreover, for the latter type of transport in the city there are special Bicycle paths. The city also has its own metro, which is arranged in the spirit of German pragmatism – all its lines are reduced to a single point. And this point is the Hamburg Central station

First of all, Hamburg is of course a port city. Its Harbor is the third largest in the world after new York and London. The port itself occupies a huge territory, equal to almost 12% of the entire urban area. Today, the age of the port exceeds such a solid figure as 800 years.

In the Harbor, there are two ships on the pier, available for tourist inspection. One of them is the sailboat "Rickmer Rickmers", launched in 1896, today it is actually a Museum and restaurant. The second vessel, very heavy, launched in 1960, is called "Cap San Diego". In the port, tourists can also take an exciting boat ride, dine in the restaurant with delicious and fresh seafood dishes, walk along the beautiful beach and enjoy the amazing views of the Harbor.

A pleasure excursion on the boat, none of the tourists do not leave indifferent. The boat departs from the river pier with a long name – Landungsbrücken (it is just moored to the sailing Museum "Rickmer Rickmers"). We can say that it is through this pier that almost all port cargo traffic passes. And just not far from this pier is the entrance to an old tunnel, laid under the river Elbe in 1911. Its length is 426 meters, and it still remains active.

The biggest pride of their city, the locals consider to be the two extremely beautiful lake Aussenalster and the Binnenalster. They are characterized by stunning picturesqueness. Many urban residents would like to settle on the banks of one of these lakes, but this luxury is not available to everyone. Therefore, the rest of the residents enjoy pleasant walks along the banks of lakes in the shade of alleys, or go for a jog in the morning.

Lake Binnenalster is located almost in the center of the city, so it is surrounded by houses on all sides. And along the coast stretches a very elegant Jungfernstieg, it was from her and starts many cruises around the lake and through the channel. In summer, the entire water surface of the lake is usually filled with small boats and sailboats plying the lake.

The Binnenalster lake is separated from his fellow – Aussenalster lake, located just North from it, by two bridges – Kennedybrucke and Lombardsbrucke. The water surface of the außenalster lake is usually filled fans of sailing. From jungfernstig street, you can get here by boat. On the Western banks of the Aussenalster lake, you can admire here broken beautiful gardens and parks.

In Hamburg you should also visit the Baroque Church of St. Michael,

considered one of the symbols of the city. This Protestant Church was built between 1648 and 1661, and since then it has been one of the most famous in Northern Germany. During its long history, the Church was destroyed several times, burned by fire and lightning, and was restored again. In its present form, it is a structure after a long reconstruction.

The interior of the Church, decorated in white and gold tones, is spacious enough to accommodate up to 3 thousand people at a time. The decoration of the Church is considered to be a tower made of iron and brick, at a height of 130 meters, which is the largest clock tower in Germany. Their diameter reaches 8 meters. The top of the tower can be reached either by a spiral staircase or by an Elevator. There, at the very top of the tower, above the clock, there is an observation platform that offers an amazing view of the city itself, its Harbor, the Alster lakes and the river Elbe. The most stunning view here is in the evening.

Twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, the sentry on top of the tower plays a trumpet solo. In the underground room located under the tower, you can watch a film about the thousand-year history of Hamburg and its churches. You can also listen to classical music in the evenings.

Be sure to visit the newly built and residential HafenCity district in Hamburg. Its appearance is due to a very bold urban project, the largest in Europe. Here you can see the most daring and stunning architecture of houses, shops, offices and restaurants. There are also plans to build museums and universities. The completion of the development of this area is planned for 2025.

You can also visit one of the best German museums - the Hamburg Kunsthalle. It contains over 650 sculptures, 3,500 paintings, as well as collections of medals and coins. All of them belong to different eras, starting from the time of Ancient Rome. Here you can also view works from the era of German romanticism, the works of the great Impressionists and get acquainted with the works of modern German artists.

All tourists who come to Hamburg, be sure to try to visit the Reeperbahn street. This is the main street of the St. Pauli district. This street is famous for its vibrant night life. Many bars are open almost around the clock, there are the most famous city entertainment venues, and the red light district is also located here. The local variety shows and theaters offer numerous performances, you can just have dinner and a couple of Beers, and then enjoy a walk through this bright, sparkling, fun and unusual area.

A very beautiful and very famous building of the Hamburg city Hall is located on the Central square of the city – Rathausmarkt. Here you can also see the monument to the German poet Heinrich Heine, opened in the XIX century, and a memorial to all the soldiers who died in the First World war. The city hall building is actually considered the symbolic heart of the city. The building consists of 647 rooms and a majestic 112-meter clock tower. The most beautiful facade of the town hall is decorated with sculptures and ornamental decor. Tourists can take a short tour of the official premises of the city hall and admire its beautiful decoration – magnificent tapestries, shining chandeliers, coffered ceilings and huge portraits.

And the last thing you should definitely visit in Hamburg is its famous Fish market. It is located directly under the open sky near the fish auction building in the St. Pauli district. It has been operating here since 1703, and it hasn't changed much in all that time. Here you can find not only fish and food, you can find everything - from palm trees to talking parrots, from worn clothes and the most valuable Antiques. Here you can listen to live music and see various performances.


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