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Travel to Gdansk: secret places for experienced tourists

There are cities that face fog, rain, and wind. Cozy, mysterious and romantic (despite the humid Maritime climate), Gdansk falls into this list. We tell you about the proven places in this city where you can have a great time.

Długie Pobrzeże (Dluga embankment)

While the city is still sleeping, take a walk along the długie Pobrzeże embankment, then turn at the Green gate to the island of warehouses Wyspa Spichrzów (the island itself appeared at the end of the 16th century, and until then there were barns in its place, from which the name comes), walk to the Ferris wheel Gdansk Eye to view the entire city from a bird's eye view. And if you are cold, go to the lobby of the Puro Hotel to warm up and drink a Cup of rich, fragrant, slightly bitter and tart coffee with cognac.

Długi Targ (long market)

Going back through the Green gate, you will find yourself in the main square of the city Długi Targ. Along its perimeter are placed colorful gingerbread buildings, from which it will be difficult to tear your eyes and the camera lens. SOWA pastry shop, which is more than 70 years old, is very close by. Here sweet lovers can take their heart out by trying all sorts of cheesecakes, strudels, fresh muffins and handmade chocolate.

Ulica Mariacka (Mariacka street)

Mariacka street, which is located in the heart of the city, is a real place of pilgrimage for all tourists. There are old amber workshops, art galleries, jewelry stores and, of course, souvenir shops. Here, crowds of tourists usually appear after lunch, so it is better to consider the facades of medieval houses in the early morning. The most delicious coffee on this street you will find in drukarnia cafe, where there is a particularly warm atmosphere. Locals come here not only for coffee, but also to have Breakfast on the terrace, watching as street vendors set up shop Windows with amber products.


To enjoy all the beauty of the Baltic sea coast, it is worth visiting the neighboring town of Sopot. Here at the local fair, you can try roasted chestnuts, walk to the wooden pier (which overlooks the sea for half a kilometer), walk along the coastline, feed the gulls and just dream. And if you are lucky enough to get to Sopot after a storm, you can find pieces of amber on the sandy beach. Getting from Gdansk to Sopot is easy. The most convenient way is the SKM train, which passes through the main station of the city every 15 minutes. You can view the train schedule on the website skm.trojmiasto.pl, and tickets can be purchased at the station ticket offices or vending machines located in the underpass. The ticket will cost you 4 zlotys (25 UAH) in one direction.


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