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Travel to Finland

If you are planning a trip to Finland, then in this section we have prepared a whole series of materials for you, where we will tell you how you can get to this country by car, bus, train, ferry and even plane. Let's start with the fact that this is a very friendly state that has a great nature, excellent cottages on the banks of numerous lakes, ski resorts, quality goods and offers good quality service and service for its guests. In addition to these advantages, the distance between our countries is relatively small and it can be overcome fairly quickly.

When traveling to Finland, you must know and comply with a number of laws and requirements that apply on Finnish territory. Let's give a small example, for example, do you know that you must have at least 50 Euros per day for 1 person? A trip by car means that in addition to all the basic documents (passport, Schengen visa, medical insurance), you will also need to purchase a Green card policy. It is a prerequisite for traveling by car and has a certain validity period, the minimum is 15 days.

The next popular means of transportation is a bus ride to Finland. This type of transport for tourists is relatively inexpensive and the time spent on the road pays off in comfort. Depending on the type of bus and destination, the price may range from 1000 to 1500 rubles. You can choose a large number of tours and scheduled flights offered by various travel companies. This can be not only one-day shopping tours, but you can also book a trip to Finland for several days at once with visits to several Finnish cities.

In addition to car and bus connections, you can travel to Finland by train. If you need to get to the Finnish capital quickly, then choose a plane to Finland. Flights are performed quite often and in just a few hours you can be in the Finnish capital.Now, let's talk about ferries to Finland. The Princess Anastasia ferry, which runs from St. Petersburg, is very popular among tourists.

Therefore, if you haven't been on this ship yet, we definitely recommend that you choose the time and go on this wonderful sea cruise. This ferry will take you to the capital of Finland, Sweden and Estonia on the Saint Petersburg-Helsinki-Stockholm-Tallinn route. In conclusion, we add that this trip will bring you many happy moments and you will definitely want to return here again. In our next article, we will tell you about a trip to Finland by car, where you will learn all the main points related to crossing the border, buying gasoline and a Green card, traffic rules, and so on.

life in Finland

Finland is a neighboring country with Russia, which was part of the Russian Empire for more than 100 years, but now there are huge differences between the countries, starting from the birth of a child and ending with the life of an older generation. In this article, we will talk to you about life in Finland. Young Finnish families who are expecting a child receive a gift box with basic necessities from the state. This is a long-standing tradition that has been observed for more than 25 years. Initially, the box was given only to low-income families, but later the authorities decided to issue such assistance to anyone who wants.

Thus, more than half of Finland's children use the same things from birth. Usually, the box is filled with diapers, sliders, overalls, mittens, and many other items that you will need when caring for your baby. At first, the box can be used as a baby cot. But if parents want to, they have the right to refuse it and take the benefit instead, but most often they take the box, since the amount of the benefit will be less than the cost of its contents. In addition, each year the content may differ slightly due to the development of technologies and new requirements.

The design of the box itself is also changing. After the child has grown up, he goes to kindergarten. Parents have three options for further development of the baby's life: to send it to a municipal or private kindergarten or to engage in home education. Children are only taken to kindergartens on a paid basis, but the amount of payment depends on the family's income. The maximum monthly fee can be 290 euros, but if the parents ' income is below a certain level, then the percentage is reduced. Those who have very low incomes can be provided with a completely free place.

If the child was sent to kindergarten, then about every four people in the group is supposed to have one teacher. In total, the group can have from 12 to 24 children. It should be noted that in the largest cities of Finland there is a rather difficult situation with places in kindergartens, and then the municipal authorities can pay up to 500 Euros from their local budget to one of the parents, if only he was at home with the child. Children eat three times a day and this is Breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. If we talk about day care, parents take their children home in the afternoon.


In Finland, there is a labor law, or in our language, the labor code, which regulates the work of local citizens, as well as emigrants. First of all, a person's work here is subject to the law, and only after that it is subject to the concluded employment contract. Under Finnish law, a contract may not infringe on an employee's rights or benefits if it is found that the contract is invalid and will have consequences for the employer. The man who officially got the job receives a map called “writestart”. I must say that many of our compatriots go to Finnish farmers to collect strawberries, peas or berries, and this is called seasonal work.

During the season, you can earn quite good money, but this is a very difficult job that requires a certain amount of endurance. Working hours in the country are eight hours a day and forty hours a week, respectively. If we talk about the minimum wage, in Finland it is at least 8 euros per hour, and the average wage is 3418 euros per month without paying taxes. After deducting all the necessary obligations, the employee remains at the disposal of approximately 2500 euros. One of the largest salaries in the field of medicine and the profession of a doctor is one of the highest paid.


If we talk about life in Finland for pensioners, then they go on a well-deserved vacation at the age of 65, both women and men. And the pension itself consists of three components: labor, national, and guaranteed. Depending on the amount, people can get not only one, but all together. If we talk about a labor pension, it is a pension that a person has earned through their work experience and the amount of their salary, from which deductions were made. It should be noted that most Finnish pensioners receive it and it can be up to 60% of their salary. The average amount is about 1,700 Euros. People's pension can be described as “additional” and it is intended for those categories of citizens whose labor pension is not too large.

There is also a guaranteed pension. In fact, it is provided for if the amount of the previous two is less than 760 euros. It should be noted that there are also a large number of benefits for Finnish pensioners. For example, they can be provided to pay for rental housing, discounts on public transport, and discounts are provided for attending many cultural events.

Special allowances are also given to pay for specialist assistance, if the pensioner needs it. Usually after retirement in Finland, pensioners start to engage in various Hobbies, some sports, others travel actively and find different Hobbies for themselves, and as a rule, no one sits at home.

Finnish law

If we talk about life in Finland in General, Smoking is prohibited in public places and it can only be done in designated areas that are equipped with special signs and bins. You can not sell cigarettes to minors, as well as treat them. There are also special rules that apply to fishing and to catch it on spinning you need to buy a special license. No permits are required for fishing with an ordinary fishing rod or jig.

There are rules for Cycling, for example, you can not ride without a light reflector, transport a person without a permit, exceed the speed limit, absolutely can not ride on paths for pedestrians and move at night without a flashlight. In the country, a fine is imposed if you cross the road in the wrong place. In the case of traffic violations in Finland, there is a different system of fines, and its size may depend on the earnings of the violator.

Also, in the case of a serious violation, you can be arrested, for example, for driving under the influence of alcohol. If we talk about the permitted rate, it is 0.5 ppm. A receipt for 50 euros can be issued for an incorrectly parked car. They also strictly monitor the observance of calm. There are a lot of rules about nature. You can't be on the beach if it belongs to someone. You can not light fires anywhere and there are special places for this.

If you violate the rules for walking your pet, you will be fined about 60 euros. Today we touched on the main aspects of life in Finland. They may seem strange and too strict, but they can not escape from this, so when going on vacation in this country, we recommend following all the rules and local laws.


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