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Travel to Dubai

Dubai is the second largest and most populated Emirate of the United Arab Emirates. The capital of the Emirate is also called Dubai, it is the largest city in the Emirates.

It is located on the Persian Gulf coast, northeast of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Human settlements on the territory of modern Dubai have been known since 800 ad. Dubai has long been known as a commercial port. If at the beginning of the twentieth century Dubai was a small port city, then after the discovery of large oil reserves in this region in the 60s of the last century, it began to develop rapidly.

The main direction in its development is tourism. In this regard, Dubai has significantly surpassed many famous tourist areas in the world. Holidays in the UAE are elevated to the highest rank! Everything is done here to make tourists feel at ease. The most modern comfortable hotels, beaches, restaurants, shopping complexes in kupe with a beautiful climate and the national flavor of the East, attract a huge number of tourists here.

This becomes clear even by the fact that luxury cars are at the hotels

Dubai has a dry subtropical climate. Winds often bring sandstorms from the desert. In General, the climate is almost perfect, with the exception of hot summers. It is also characterized by a low oxygen content in the air. If the daily temperature changes are not very noticeable on the coast, then the desert is hotter during the day than on the coast, and colder at night. The average summer temperature in Dubai ranges between + 35-45°C, rarely rises to +50°C. The average winter temperature is +18°C. It rains from December to January. Water on the coast in summer can warm up to +35°C. But the pools are constantly maintained at a comfortable temperature of + 25-27°C. For tourists, Dubai is particularly attractive in the period from September to may.

Leisure, entertainment and shopping in Dubai are "set on a Grand scale". One of the most popular areas of the city is Dubai Marina. It attracts not only visitors, but also locals. Here is a stunning beach with a beautiful panorama, a huge number of hotels, banks, shopping centers, as well as yacht parks, where anyone can rent a snow-white boat and ride it along the coast.

The most modern and fashionable district, is a Bar in Dubai. There are countless stores offering the most luxurious and exclusive products of world brands, office centers where almost every day there are any international meetings. Bar Dubai is a thriving commercial and financial center not only of the city, but also of the country as a whole.

Bastakia district is able to transfer its visitors to the recent past of Dubai. There are many restored buildings, art galleries, bazaars and small cozy cafes. The main attraction is the wind towers, which were used for cooling residential premises before the advent of electricity.

Ski Dubai is one of the world's largest indoor ski centers. Special installations constantly produce tons of snow, which covers the tracks of any complexity with a 50 cm layer. Here, escaping from the heat, tourists can ski, snowboard and even sledge. The temperature is maintained just below zero all year round, and fir trees are planted along the trails.

The Mall of Emirates shopping and entertainment center is located near Ski Dubai. Inside it, on 12 thousand square meters, there is a huge Carrefour hypermarket, 14 cinemas and the fashionable Kempinski hotel.

Dubai has built, without exaggeration, the highest skyscraper in the world – the Burj Khalifa. Its height is 828 meters. There are more than 160 floors of office centers, luxury apartments, restaurants, fountains and an observation deck. Moving between floors is done by transferring from one Elevator to another.

The largest entertainment center in the middle East is also located in this modern district. Its area is comparable to the size of 50 football fields. It includes thousands of shops, entertainment venues, cinemas, cafes and the world's largest "Golden Bazaar". Also in the entertainment center is an aquarium with an impressive displacement of 10 million liters. Inside it, a transparent tunnel is built for visitors, from where you can observe the life of marine life.

In addition to high-rise buildings and huge aquariums, Dubai has another unique attraction. These are artificially created palm Islands (Jebel Ali, Jumeirah and Deira palms) and the World archipelago, consisting of hundreds of Islands and repeating the outlines of continents.

A 320-meter seven-star Burj al-Arab hotel has been built in Dubai for the world's wealthiest people. The magnificent building is made in the shape of a sail and is located on an embankment island 280 meters from the mainland, which is connected by a road bridge.

In Dubai, such colorful moments of culture as Eastern bazaars and markets have also been preserved. They will offer visitors all kinds of spices, incense, inexpensive gold jewelry, carpets, hookahs and coffee pots, cotton and silk fabrics.

In the coffee shops you can taste real Arabic coffee, national hot cakes and sweets.

Keep in mind that the laws in Dubai are quite strict and they are jealously guarded by the local police. It's better not to mess with him.

Modern Dubai is a city that harmoniously combines the old and modern. Be sure to visit this amazing place on earth where people created a truly earthly Paradise on a deserted beach.


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